Why choose 3 minute Inc?

Weight gain is a symptom. The mission of 3 minute inc. is to diagnose the root cause of your weight and then effectively remove it for permanent results.

Creating Change

Create new responses to triggers that normally cause you to overeat, with practice you can create new brain pathways which are in essence simply new habits.


Incorporating healthy ideas into your life so that they become the norm. You can have 30 minutes of exercise daily without having to go to the gym. Start with 3 minutes!


Receive one on one support from your personal trainer during your 6 week course. Also included is a year long follow up which is essential for success. Accountability sticks it.

Nurse Know things!



Happy Weight Loss Course

Meet Jan

I decided to create 3 Minute Inc. because of years of trying to incorporating unnatural forms of exercise into my own life. Because I wanted to share a safe and effective program with all of you who have failed with other programs and have given up. There is so much crazy hype in the fitness industry, people think that if they are not animal fitness beasts they cannot get into shape so why try? Our bodies our made to move and we are becoming a nation of blobs. In the process of creating this program I have found it to be a treasure chest of "good for you" benefits. It is fun to do, uplifting and life changing.
Jan Oliver

Jan Oliver


Rn LMT TNCC, PALS, ACLS, infant massage instructor. ACE fitness instructor. Age 62.

Planting Ideas

Habits are brain pathways. The only way to break a habit is to form a new one. An idea is a seed for change. Ideas create new brain pathways that can change the world.


Surprised at the title? “It really makes more sense than you know. If you know how you gain weight then you have a better chance of knowing how to lose it.” I feel and look Read more…


This is for you if you want to lose weight, have failed at other programs, and feel like you do not have the time to be successful. 3 Minutes is a great place to start.From There is no limit to what you can achieve.

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