Why choose 3 minute Inc?

Weight gain is a symptom. The mission of 3 minute inc. is to diagnose the root cause of your weight and then effectively remove it for permanent results.

Creating Change

Create new responses to triggers that normally cause you to overeat, with practice you can create new brain pathways which are in essence simply new habits.


Incorporating healthy ideas into your life so that they become the norm. You can have 30 minutes of exercise daily without having to go to the gym. Start with 3 minutes!


Receive one on one support from your personal trainer during your 6 week course. Also included is a year long follow up which is essential for success. Accountability sticks it.

World impact

3minute inc strives to change the world 3 minutes at a time through exercise which is proven to benefit physical and mental health. We encourage those suffering with mental illness and align with organizations to bring awareness and eliminate the stigma associated.


Happy Weight loss endorses stimulating naturally occurring neurotransmitters to produce feelings of well being, that are powerful in defeating depression and anxiety


Uncover the real reason you cannot lose the weight. With knowledge comes great power.

Is your cup empty?

refuel, refill, restore, refresh, recover

Nurses Know things!

Start receiving your free 30 day video series to jumpstart your lifestyle renovation. The videos are made for beginners by a beginner (me a few years ago) I will take you through all the obstacles, doubts and discouragement you encounter while kicking your (and my own) butt. Giving you the push you need to keep on going even if you don’t feel like it. We will dive into the fitness industry hype  to avoid getting ripped off and define facts from fiction.  We will be creating a new habit. It is my goal to have the 3minute workout be the dental floss of the 21st century. The benefits abound. One documented by NaturalNews.com reports that short bursts of moderate intensity exercise positively influences DNA expression. A fitness program that alters DNA in a way that would promote a longer life, is worth taking a look at. 

Meet Jan

Dedicated to preventing a nation of blobs. Promoting the idea that our bodies are made to move . Fanatical about making 3 minute workout the next dental floss. Brazenly taking on the fitness industry to eliminate hype and dispel myths. Encouraging women who have given up, fallen into depression after years of trying to incorporating unnatural forms of exercise into their life. There are a lot of letters after my name but I am really just about making lifestyle change a reality for those who want it. Developing this program has brought me an abundance of health benefits and I want to share it with you. It is fun to do, uplifting and life changing.
Jan Oliver

Jan Oliver


Rn LMT TNCC, PALS, ACLS, infant massage instructor.

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Planting Ideas

Habits are brain pathways. The only way to break a habit is to form a new one. An idea is a seed for change. Ideas create new brain pathways that can change the world.

Isn’t it great?

It’s the year 2020. Isn’t that GREAT!? Our country is at the brink of war and perhaps the brink of world war. Now that is just GREAT!. Wasn’t that Trumps campaign slogan four long years Read more…