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point em down

An eccentric ski guide once told me while heading down a snowy mountain, to “look forward” not just to see the next turn I would make but the whole line down the hill. He said it creates new brain cells. Something which I’m sure he needed to always be producing for himself. I don’t know if that was true, but it was something that helped me in developing my own graceful skiing form and survive all life’s twists and turns it has thrown at  me. He was correct in that if you stay focused on just the tips of your skis (and we all know this) that they will cross and you will fall. So it is with life. We must look forward. What good does it do to dwell in the problems that we are dealing with now or to look back up the mountain. (only if you are watching out for the occasional Kami Kazi coming down behind you) Sure we can learn from our mistakes and experiences, but then we must pick ourselves up brush ourselves off and get back on the bike. How does this effect your weight loss goals. Well if you think about it. We have to look forward if we want to achieve results. If we keep looking just at what we see in the mirror we are going to get discouraged and fall so to speak. But by looking forward we are already past that point and a whole new mind set is created, thus a whole new you.
So here are some reasons to look forward other than creating new brain cells.
1. Looking forward is an exhibition of your faith
2. Looking forward creates a feeling of well being.
3. Looking forward is like saying it already exists, AS you believe so it is.
4. Looking forward can alleviate pain and depression. As demonstrated in the pain gate theory.
5. Looking forward is contagious, when those around you see you are looking forward when your situation is grim, they will do so as well.
6. Looking forward makes you do your job better. A job that may be not so fun will be done and over when you look forward to the time that follows.
7. Looking forward can prevent costly mistakes. It always pays to plan ahead.

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