Me in Italy at age 63. Pompeii ruins

Hello my name is Jan. I have my kids to thank for the creation of 3 minute fitness/incorporated into your day. It all started as I was doing some calisthenics in the kitchen one evening while preparing dinner, and my son said, “Hey mom you should video yourself and put it on youtube” as he and my two other children laughed and of course elaborated on the whole idea. I laughed too, but it got me thinking. Hey I could do something like that. 

The idea was again reinforced not long after that while attending a conference with some nursing colleagues. At the end of the day on the way back to my car I walked with a former co-worker who was my age. We had to walk up a gentle hill to get to our cars. What happened in those minutes was what really pushed me to do get my idea out there. My friend had to stop several times in the “hike” up the hill to catch her breath, while I did not feel the least bit winded. I realized then that what I was doing was really working. I wanted my nurse friends to know and to stop the endless cycle of losing and gaining weight on ridiculous “diet programs” that most frequently would require buying expensive packaged food or going to weekly meetings or some other time consuming life sucking routine. 

A business created out of need for all the women who have tried and failed. 3minute inc is here to bring you one simple plan that you can stick to while giving you all the help you need to do it easily and beautifully.

I’m Jan Oliver owner and creator of the 3 minute workout /Happy weight loss e-book/course. I like to think that we have something in common if you have ended up here.  I’m really proud confident, excited and a little scared  about creating a program that I know will fit into your busy life. I know because I know what it’s like to lose control of your life and your weight because of deadlines and the living on the fast track. Trying to  raise a family, have a career dealing with life in general these days.

This is for all of you women out there who are ready to take the final step.

I am a registered nurse who has learned the secret of a humor infused life.  

I am passionate about bringing this information to the world and hope to do so in a way that will bring a smile to your face. I named my course Happy Weight loss as you cannot have negative thoughts while doing this type of fitness program.

Over a period of three years I created over 365 videos to document my own journey. The videos reflect the techniques, obstacles and results of this program. I have gradually created my own tiny gym using my surrounding and infused this type of program into my life and workplace. 

You have already consumed tons of information about proper nutrition, the good hormones, the bad hormones, good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, good fat bad fat the list goes on. I’m sure you have a wealth of exercise routines and Zumba, yoga, jazzercise moves in your repertoire.  Now it’s time to take all that info and courageously make the change in your own life that will be the forever. This all natural weight loss class will cement the changes into place. With the help of a loving and supportive coach (moi) to guide you through to the light. Designed with convenience in mind this is a downloadable with option to receive coaching and a 12 month follow up program, as it does require a commitment of one year.


It is my vision to make it a worldwide commonality. If being part of something has been on your mind lately, why not join me in this revolutionary program to regain control over your body and life?    I am looking forward to meeting and working with you.

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