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Oh yes… the claws came out the other night I must confess.

I have given considerable thought as to whether or not to post this or not. But if for some strange and wonderful reason the person I am about to include in the post does in fact come across this and reads it. Well I believe it would be a compliment to her.

She was always thin and I believe “runner thin.” There is a specific type of thin for women runners. It is kind of a sinewy muscular but attractive look.  CeeCee was the mother of one of my son’s teammates in high-school. She was cute (even her name is cute) and probably a cheerleader in her day. We were never friends, just moms in passing and acknowledging each others presence as we cheered on our sons in the great wide world of “OUR CHILDREN’S SPORTS”.  Granted she was probably 10 years younger than myself from the start, so keep that in mind.

I had invited my son and his wife to a really cool new restaurant in my neighborhood that we walked to with another of his childhood friend and his wife. We were having a wonderful time when “SHE” walked by. She didn’t notice me or at least did not seem to recognize me. I however recognized her as she looked exactly the same. Same face, same hair, and maybe even looked younger.  But the dress, it was just too much to handle. It was a dress that I would love to be able to wear.  I used to be able to 30 years ago. But that was my pre-sausage era. What is the sausage era you might ask? It is the time in my life that anything form fitting felt like I was trying to stuff myself into a sausage casing. You get the picture I am sure. Now I am not obese or really overweight according to the charts, and right now I am just 15 pounds away from my comfortable weight. But that 15 pounds felt like 600 when I saw the dress.

In my head while walking home with my sweet family and enjoying their conversation, in the back of my mind I was having another conversation with CeeCee. It went like this: “Hello CeeCee Wow you look great, in fact you look younger than the last time I saw you 8 years ago. Luuuuv the dress…is it a Barbie doll dress?”  I know I know I am terrible. But honest.

I could pretend that it didn’t bother me, but it did. Again with those skinny women…sheesh. So my question to you is what do you do when you meet your CeeCee from the past?  Do you just shove those feelings down and stop off at the store to pick up a half gallon of Mudslide ice cream?  Or do you get out your secret weapon to conquer your desires to fall into old self defeating behaviors?

In this post I am releasing a little secret weapon from my Happy Weight Loss class to help you do just that.

I actually dedicate an entire module to this topic because it is a big one.

Excerpt from Happy Weight Loss Class:

You are here because like me and a million others you turn to food for comfort. There are so many triggers that can make you want to eat to sooth yourself or to not feel at all. It could be a new job, an old job, buying a home, a car, maintaining your current home, keeping up with the Joneses, sickness or injury, even vacations and weekends can be a source of stress. Basically any change can be a cause of stress and provide a reason to eat more than we need. 

As a beginner in the 3 minute way, you will not have created new brain pathways initially but here are 3 easy steps to start creating the change you have been wanting for so long.

(Later on in the program, these things will come naturally to you and even though you still want to scratch CeeCee’s eyes out you will not feel the need to eat that bucket of chicken.)

Step 1: Instead of turning to food, during an emotional time think of your Happy Thought.  Maybe you don’t know what your happy thought is right now so it’s time to take a look at just what motivates you. What is your goal and why do you want it? In my ebook, Finding your Mo you will be able to take a guided tour inside of yourself to discover the one thing that is primarily motivating you now. Say it is your family. So turn that thought into the fact that your health and long term physical well being directly affects your family, loved ones and all your personal goals. The mere action of changing a thought is the first step in creating a new brain pathway, which is just a fancy way of saying creating a habit. 

Step 2: Now let’s get a little more concrete. Say you see your CeeCee, reach instead for a tall glass of ice water. Soon ice water will take the place of that Cinnabon and the aroma will not even tempt you. You should also be drinking 6-8 (8ounce) glasses of water each day. By doing this faithfully you are creating a new brain pathway.

Step 3: Start tracking your food intake today! Oh and while you’re at it your spending too. After about a month or two you will see how much you are spending on dining out, fast food, and expensive coffee drinks. All three of them are detrimental to achieving your ideal body weight. GET RID OF THEM. Now that you have that little seed planted in your head, you will think about it every time you stop in to get a coffee or Mickey D’s and you are creating a new brain pathway. At some point you will realize just how pointless it is to keep doing the same things over and over again and then be disappointed when you are not losing any weight. This is part of creating new brain pathway. There is a second part to this step. When you have completed two months of tracking all that you have saved, take that money and start giving it back to those who are in need. 

(if you do not have a favorite charity or know where to start, in my course I show you how to find out where your heart lies and help you discover your passion and that is where you can pour back your love and that money into.

If you really need some form of comfort food, EAT PROTEIN!! Protein is an appetite suppressant and because it is a slow burner will give satiety, which is always a comfort. 

Giving in any form, whether it is monetary or volunteering or visiting the sick, stimulates in us a naturally occurring nurturing hormone that will produce a feeling of well being in you. When you feel good, you look good and when you look good you feel good. This good feeling will reinforce the new brain pathway. It is a win win situation for all involved. 

There you have it. I strongly recommend that you not take these steps lightly and start incorporating them into your life today.

Also the 1 class will be open soon, so be first on the list, class size is limited in order for me to give the one on one individual attention that you will need to be successful. 




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