We’re moving!

After six and a half years and 163 posts 3 minute inc is moving to a new model.maybe someone will actually find me and find a way to get fit by giving themselves 3 minutes.

Watching the Curve

For once my waistline and butt curves are not the subject of the curve I am watching these days. Instead it is the COVID19 CURVE. And guess what it is not anywhere near flattening out. The USA has just hit 1 million today. Dr Fauci on a recent podcast said Read more…

Divided we fall united we stand

Isn’t it great?

It’s the year 2020. Isn’t that GREAT!? Our country is at the brink of war and perhaps the brink of world war. Now that is just GREAT!. Wasn’t that Trumps campaign slogan four long years ago? I don’t know about you but what is happening now is not my definition Read more…