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In my last post I informed you about my amazing discovery of the damage that FREE RADICALS can cause.

Yes it’s true but you have to be very careful with that kind of information.

You see our bodies are beautifully and wonderfully made.

It’s a wonderful machine. Yes things go wrong and even from the start. During my years as a Labor and Delivery nurse I have seen many babies that were born with a malfunctioning machine. But for the most part it is an intricate and amazing symphony of checks and balances. Do you remember all the bad things  I told you about FREE RADICALS?  Well it turns out that they actually have an  good side and an important role of signaling our hearts to beat.

Just a tad significant I would say..wouldn’t you?

The thing is so much of what is wrong with us is what we have created not what was created for us and intended for us to be. We have created a harsh environment for our bodies.

Recently I read that one of the most trusted companies in the USA is being sued for not reporting a known carcinogen.

Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Powder.

This is a perfect example of how we have mucked up an otherwise simple plan for our lives.

Corn starch was working just fine or even better air out those little bums to prevent any rash from forming. Think of how many centuries man lived without Johnsons and Johnsons Baby Powder, and then in the 50 or so years that we trusted them, we find that it has destroed our cells and we have cancer.  These are the kinds of things that create the FREE RADICALS. That is why there is a need for preventing them. Because NOW there are so many contaminates just like Johnsons and Johnsons. Anything you put on your skin is a possible carcinogen. Please start doing your research. Get back to the basics. Use natural products. I mean like a jar of coconut oil. Not an expensive “NATURAL” product. Chances are it is full of chemicals too.

It’s time to get back to basics.

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