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I don’t usually do this but I just have to show you something.

Check out these guns.    GUNS AKA BICEPS

Ok I’m no Arnold but they look pretty good for 60 years old. Notice the minimal jiggle. This is an area that women my age and even younger struggle with and are very self conscious about.

I’ve heard so many women say that they hate their arms because of it.

The amazing part is that I got these with just 3 minutes a day (throughout the day) That included 30 slant pushups, right out of the shoot.(my bed to floor pushups) and then 30 to 60 standing pushups (using the wall at a slant) throughout the day. The upper body (arms and shoulders) is one of the easiest to reshape all it takes is a little stick-to-it-ness! For me the abs are my struggle. However with over 100 standing crunches a day I know my core is much stronger than when I was in my 30’s. I also of course practice my static contraction of the abdominal muscles which also serves to support my back and “innards+ if you know what I mean. Keepin it all in place.

Yes it’s GREAT to have DREAMS (of a fit body) but unless you work at them THEY don’t work .


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