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I can’t believe that our body would just create a bad hormone for the purpose of making our lives miserable.

Turns out it is good..Cortisol (a glucocorticoid) is necessary for several major body processes to function normally. It’s integral to blood sugar regulation, proper immune function, blood pressure, and the metabolism of fat, protein and carbohydrates.

And when it gets low, these systems begin to have problems.

For example, here’s a few symptoms related to low cortisol:

  • Fatigue
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Poor response and “crashing” during stress
  • Increased allergies and environmental sensitivity
  • Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar with irritability when hungry)
  • Low blood pressure and dizziness upon first standing

The bottom line: Cortisol puts your inflammatory fire out. In conditions like Inflammatory Bowel Diseases like Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis, to Autoimmune conditions like Celiac Disease or even just general gut inflammation. But not when it’s low.

The key then is balance. We would never want to eliminate cortisol from our bodies but rather keep it balanced at the proper level for good health.

I don’t usually post recipes but I have to tell you this thing is delicious and packed with protein, antioxidants and vitamin C. ALL of which play a big part in keeping the cortisol levels down in your body. Plus it looks amazing.

Blueberry, Kale and Fig Protein Smoothie

2 handfuls of kale, fresh or frozen
1/2 C of figs
1/2 C of frozen blueberries
1 frozen banana
1.5 C coconut or almond milk
1 Tbs hemp seeds
1 Tbs tahini
1 tsp cinnamon
1 cup of vanilla yogurt

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend smooth!

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