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I didn’t realize just how clean I eat until I took a walk on the darkside.

It was a cold rainy winter day, and I was at the grocery store. I was in the frozen food section where I usually just stock up on frozen vegies when I spotted pot pies that were on sale for a ridiculous price. I thought about how bad  the last one I had probably 20 years ago tasted, but still it sounded like the perfect lunch on such a day as this. So I scouted out the higher priced ones and bought a “Marie Calanders” brand thinking more money better quality processed foods..yah NO.  When I got home I stuck it in the oven and was excited to taste it, only to be severely disappointed at the taste-less-ness of the thing and then the after affects of feeling bloated and toxic. I kept thinking of all the wonderful spices that I put into my favorite veggie pot pie and how awesome a good flaky crust would taste with it.

As you know I don’t like telling people what they can or cannot eat. So you can take the challenge of eating clean for 30 days and then seeing how awful you feel when you go back to processed foods.

I have included a list of what exactly would fall into that category it is not anything you will find on line in some 10 foods to avoid list it is just simply common sense

Anything that comes in a box to eat, like rice a roni, or mac and cheese.

TV dinner or Pot Pies

Fake Foods, anything that has artificial anything in it.

Fat Free foods…yes those would be fake as most foods have fat in them except fresh fruit and veggies, like celery for instance.

Fast Food. You must know that they buy their ingredients dry bulk and then reconstitute them into a form of food. McDonalds fries for instance are powdered and then they mix them up and pour them into a kind of freezer tray shaped like fries then when solid they flip them into the grease. Fast food would also include anything like a granola bar or something meant to take the place of real food.

Chips of any kind

Candy of any kind except good chocolate of course.

Cookies, cake etc…

Now there you have it so go out there be strong have courage. Just try it.

choclate eclairSAY BA BYE!

No pressure here because you really got to want it to do it right.  I do suggest getting in the right mindset before you start. Finding the right motivation is essential. If you are ready to start simply enter your email and you will receive your weekly guide to clean eats. No daily email because I know how hard it is to keep up with that much info. So are you ready to do this?

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