Pure water is a blessing

Pure water is a blessing. Be thankful for every drop of drinkable water.

A simple 3 step solution to get you eating right.

The word “Diet” is simply the foods a person eats on a regular basis

You are not restricted here you are just cleaning it up. Reset your mind and your body.

Don’t wait until all the circumstances are just right. Begin today. With one simple trip to the market. You may have all the ingredients lurking in your pantry and refrig right now. There are a few instructions:

There is a yes list and a no list you must follow for 21 days. This is the detox period. You are getting clean. Reset your mind and your body.

2 delicious liquid meals and one solid meal. Recipes included in your downloadable PDF

You must keep a 12 hour fast between your last meal and when you break the fast in the morning.