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Meet Jojo The family dog.

The recent class action suit against Purina’s dog food Beneful has caused quite a commotion around our house.

You see Jojo has been eating that food since he was a pup and in fact has had at least 2 instances of GI bleed. Gastrointestinal bleeding. For which we took him into see his Vet. We were told at that time he may have eaten something that he shouldn’t have. Which is totally possible as he is a forager, and looks for human food to eat and any opportunity to beg for it. I am almost certain that on one occasion he ate popcorn that was left in a bowl on the floor, and one other time he got into the garbage and ate turkey bones.

My point is that now Jojo is going to be eating clean. No more mystery ingredients for him. We have found some cool online recipes for natural dog eats and also this company produces natural pet food.  natural pet pic 20%

If Jojo is cleaning up his diet isn’t it time you did too. Provide yourself a fooducation this week and start reading labels, find out what the mystery ingredient is in that burrito, or cereal you are feeding your family.

I would like to invite you to take the 30 clean eats challenge. Once you do and see how much better you feel, you won’t ever want to come back to your old ways of eating.


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