it just takes 3 minutes

So you want to know what this simple concept is all about? Here are some common Q&A’s

Q. I hardly eat at all and I never lose a pound. It doesn’t seem to jive with your claims of this program, what gives?

A. So, because I’m pretty sure we come from the same fabric, meaning we have done it all in the weight loss arena.  I know what “hardly eating” at all looks like.  Sorry, edging little tiny pieces of that cake each time you walk by, or taking just one pretzel 75 times a day, or getting just one handful of chips but making 10 trips to the kitchen for, or one piece of bread with a half of cube of butter,  does count as eating. You know it and I know it. Plus you are not moving enough.OR…you are on what is called a maintenance diet, meaning you are only burning enough to not gain or lose any weight which in that case you are not moving enough.

Q. I like the idea of the 3 minute workout during the work day but I sweat a lot. When I get back to my desk my shirt is wringing wet. What do you suggest?

A. First of all TMI and I’m sorry eeww! But seriously haven’t you ever heard of an “E” kit. Stands for Emergency kit. Every girl should have one in her purse, desk and car. Most commonly contains, towelettes, deodorant, tissues, lotion, tweezers, compact and your favorite fragrance, and in your case an extra shirt.

Q. I am on my feet all day long at my job, but never seem to lose a pound. What am I doing wrong?

A. Good for you, but umm sorry that doesn’t count. Although if you ever get a job that doesn’t require you to be on your feet all day… LOOK OUT because you currently are burning a certain amount of calories now and you will gain rapido rapido mucho pound-o’s when you stop.

Q. Recently at a meeting I began to do a 3 minute workout and it seemed to be distracting to everyone else, is this something I should keep on doing?

A. Please STOP NOW! Do not pass go, go directly to jail. Seriously there is a time and place for everything use your noodle.

Q.  I have started doing the 3 minuteinc. at my desk and my co-workers look at me like I am crazy. How do I get past this stage?

A. Don’t judge them and their small minds. Just think about Dental Floss! Years ago it was considered an oddity and actually a gross personal hygeine activity. Now it is accepted as the norm….isn’t it?

Q. I have been doing the “Ladies room workout” and am afraid that people think I am taking too long in the bathroom. What can I do to prevent this?

 A. One word…PARANOID.  Sorry no one cares, and probably wouldn’t miss you if you were in there for 30 minutes. Sad but true. 3 minutes is totally acceptable time to spend in the ladies room. 

Q. In your 10 ways to start video you say to drink ice water. How does that help someone to lose weight?

A. It is an ancient secret to weight loss. It’s so easy that the health and fitness industry does not want you to know about it. Sounds pretty good huh?  If you aren’t into ancient secrets the truth is water is a natural appetite suppressant. Drinking water before meals and throughout the day helps you to not eat as much, which equates with weight loss. But if you like the “secret answer” go with that.

Q. Why don’t you offer a guarantee?

A. Simply because there is no way to control the one variable that will make or break this program and that is…YOU! Only you can make this thing work. If any program gives a guarantee it is a CROCK! as this takes comittment and hard work.

Q. Do you offer corporate workshops?

A. Yes I do. Office and hospital employees are my peeps. I get it. You work all day until you are dragging but instead of losing weight you just keep gaining. It’s time to take a stand for change. You bosses out there listen up because when your peeps get down and unhealthy it affects you too.

Q. I took the 3minuteinc class and in it you say, not to eat in my car. I know you gave a reason but could you please explain that to me, I am very busy and often only have time to eat when I am driving.


  1. Lest it becomes a habit. Trust me once you start you will be like PAVLOVS SALIVATING DOGS. The minute you get in your car you will think you need food.

  2. It is a form of closet eating. It is important to always eat in plain view of other people unless of course you live alone. In that case eat at the table and make it an enjoyable occasion.

  3.  It is messy and crumbs fall in places that you cannot get to in your car unless you pull out the seats.

  4. Have you ever seen someone stuffing their face while driving. NOT A PRETTY SITE!

  5. It is called mindless eating. How can you possibly be mindful of what you are eating when you are driving?

  6. Seriously?….you can wait!

  7. Which brings me to the last reason.  It is a DISTRACTION AND IS NOT SAFE!

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