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I watched my 13 year old grand daughter stand up to a FOOD BULLY!


That’s right there are food bullies in this world. These are people that try to make you eat something that you just don’t want to eat or are trying not to eat. My grand daughter who doesn’t have the least problem with weight control eats small portions of only the foods she loves. I recently took her and her foodie friend to lunch. Half way into the lunch the friend who is a little on the overweight side, decided she would like to have ice cream after our lunch. She then begins to try to talk my grand daughter into also wanting one. She tried every technique known to mankind except for crying and guilt. She used phrases like, “You know you are going to want one when you see mine” “Come on how about a Sundae?” and countless other fruitless attempts. My grand daughter stood strong (and for her it was easy) She simply did not want it. 

We have food bullies all around us in subliminal and obvious modes. Some of them are in our own minds. The point here is to recognize when you are being “bullied” and then stand up to it. Whether it is a well intentioned friend, or your own self depreciating talk.  Stand up fold your arms and say No thanks I already had my treat!

Who’s your food bully?

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