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When we try to determine just what it is that prevents us from attaining our goals, whether it is weight loss, or financial freedom, or simply completing a project or task.  Usually it is that one thing that you know  there is something very wrong with  it, but just can’t put a finger on it. Let me explain.

This week we received our first heavy snow. It had been in the forecast for days, “winter storm warnings” galore. I was in panic mode as I had put off getting my rear windshield wiper fixed this summer after the car wash ripped it off and bent the arm. Every day off I would think about getting it fixed but something would always come up. My car is built in such a way that one has to have the rear windshield wiper working or one would not be able to see out the back. It was already getting so dirty that I could hardly see, without the snow. I knew there was something very wrong with this picture. So the day before the snow fell, I went to pick up the part and at the crack of dawn the next day I went into the shop to have it put on and they got me in and out in 10 minutes, just in the nick of time.

I can’t explain the relief I felt driving away with the knowledge that I was now prepared for the snow. It made me think of how many times we put other things off in our life that really only takes a few minutes once we put our mind to it and when it’s done we are so much the better for it.
I can think of a few things right now and you probably think it is exercise and the 3 minute workout, well that is one of those things but there is something else.

Last week in my other job as a Hospice nurse I had to do a visit, in one of the nicer parts of town, at least it was when I was growing up and the name of the street even sounded rich something like Winchester or Rothingham. When I drove up it was a nice home in a nice area, probably the woman had lived there most of her adult life and raised her kids there. I was expecting….well to be truthful I never know what to expect when I walk into a home.

But I have to admit I was surprised to find the original orange shag carpet that she probably put in during the 60’s and just never got around to updating it.

I wont go into the details about the rest of the house except that it was depressing for me to just be sitting there for an hour.  I can’t imagine how she felt for all the years she probably thought about ripping that crap out.  I just wondered why. Why hadn’t she ever updated? It was probably much the same reason as me not getting my windshield wiper fixed. Only she never had a storm to prepare for.  Yesterday I had another visit that I thought was going to be another musty outdated, orange shag carpet home in a nice neighborhood, but once again was surprised when the owner opened the door to find a thoroughly modern, clean, beautifully designed home with wonderful pieces of art and textures strategically placed throughout the house. The wife of the man I was to see was in her eighties and an artist. She said she was in the process of putting together an exhibit for one of the art galleries in town. She said that “she has to create” or she doesn’t feel alive.

Then it hit me. That everything starts with an idea, your idea becomes a part of you and what you do with it can determine the course of your life, no matter what storms you face.

This is a weight loss site and the home of the 3 minute workout. So of course I am going to recommend that you begin to plant the idea of incorporating exercise into your day naturally. Once your mind gets ahold of the idea it becomes like a virus, that will spread to other parts of your life. (In a good way)

Maybe it is your health that is your winter storm warning or maybe it is your home that is falling apart and needs your attention that is a disaster waiting to happen. Whatever it is make up your mind to do something about something today and do one thing that you can do to change it. Do it for yourself do it for others do it because it is the right thing to do.



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