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Did you know that the grapefruit diet originated in Hollywood in the 1930’s and has pretty much been doing it’s thing since then.

There was some theory that it had a fat burning enzyme that made it so successful for weight reduction,

but the truth is no one really knows why grapefruit helps to take the pounds off. 

I started to research the Grapefruit while investigating the “Military Diet”

It includes one half of grapefruit reasoning that it produces an alkaline environment which was better for fat loss. So that led me to look into the whole


This is just a little off subject but you really need to know this if you have heard anything about the ALKALINE ACID BALANCE. It is really very simple so listen up.

The foods we eat do leave behind acid or alkaline ash. Animal products and grain are acid forming.  Fruits and veggies are alkaline. Pure fats and sugars are neutral. However these foods will only change the ph of our urine and is not an indicator of overall ph in our bodies. The thing is our bodies are wonderfully made and work constantly to keep the overall ph neutral at 7.4.

It’s like your body says “eat what you want but I got this ph thing.”


Ok so we got that out of the way now back to the grapefruit.

First of all GRAPEFRUIT is a hybrid…WHO KNEW???

It is not a hybrid that man created directly but indirectly when one European Captain Shadduck brought Pomelo seeds ( a bitter citrus fruit) to Jamaica in the 1600’s and these seeds were planted near another Asian hybrid the Sweet Orange and together produced a natural hybrid. Originally it was called the “Forbidden Fruit.” Later in the 1800’s  a Jamaican farmer called it a

“Grapefruit” because of the way the fruit hangs in clusters like grapes on the tree. 

There has been a ton of research done on Grapefruit and the effects it has on many systems of the body.

I was amazed at the number of benefits this fruit can bring to the table so to speak.

 See for yourself:

  1. Improves lipid profiles

  2. increased antibacterial activity in urinary tract 

  3. weight loss

  4. high vitamin C plays a role in collagen production, reduces wrinkles, promotes clear healthy skin 

  5. decreases risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease

  6. protects against loss of bone density and muscle mass

  7. reduction in the formation of kidney stones

  8. Stroke prevention

  9. reduces blood pressure as it is a powerful vasodilator

  10. excellent antioxidant, neutralizes free radicals that can cause cancer

  11. prevents constipation

  12. hydrates and is full of electrolytes

  13. Improves insulin resistance.

  14. Inhibits tumor formation

  15. lowers LDL

There was a 12 week test done with four groups, all but one had grapefruit in some form, whole, capsule (yes, it comes in capsules) or juice.

All the grapefruit groups lost weight.

The group that lost the most weight was the whole grapefruit group, the group that lost the least amount of weight was the group without any grapefruit. Although the mechanism of this weight loss in unknown I think including a grapefruit in your daily menu plan would be wise. 

There is a famous research project called the KAME PROJECT that also indicates that antioxidants from juice plays a significant role in the reduction of ALZHEIMERS.

***On the down side of grapefruit, it can disturb the rhythm of your heart and it can interact with many prescription and over the counter medications, which could potentially give you elevated levels of the drug and be potentially hazardous to your health. Oh and also one study in June of 2015 relates ingesting large amounts of grapefruit to a higher risk of developing Melanoma.*** 

Some great ways to serve it up:

Salsa Jamiaca

combine 1 grapefruit peeled and chopped

1 bunch cilantro washed and chopped

1 jar of  your favorite salsa

3 fresh tomatoes chopped

1 small sweet onion chopped


Barbados Salad

1 avocado sliced

1 grapefruit peeled and chopped

1/2 cup of cooked shrimp

1 large leaf iceburg lettuce

arrange shrimp on lettuce, top with grapefruit and avocado

Fast & Delicious dessert

1/2 grapefruit

1 tbs honey

mint leaves

place half of grapefruit on baking sheet drizzle with honey. Broil for 2 minutes. Top with fresh mint leaf.



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