Hospitals are dirty!

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You might be saying to yourself.

But this just happened while I was visiting a client in one of the big hospitals in our city. One of the nurses came up to me and said, “I just saw a young mother in the cafeteria letting her little baby crawl around on the floor. I said, “Ma’am that probably is not a very good idea, you know germs and everything ” and the woman glared at me like it was none of my business and I had insulted her.

What the nurse didn’t say and everyone should know, is this….

Hospitals look clean and there are always those people running around cleaning all day… this is true.

However people go to hospitals because they are sick. They have diseases. Nurses take care of these people, they go into their rooms multiple times a day. Then they go downstairs to the cafeteria wearing the same shoes that walked into all those rooms. There are only a couple units in the hospital that require nurses to wear “booties”

  • surgery and

  • labor and delivery.

  • I happened to have been a labor and delivery nurse for over 17 years, and my shoes never left the department without booties and never came into my home.

This is because the hospital does not want any other diseases coming in to those departments.

Diseases can be transmitted in one of two ways, 

  • Through the air or

  • direct contact.

A nurses shoes comes in direct contact with both of those, because what ever goes into the air comes down to the floor.


There is a type of infection that is called:


which means “hospital acquired” for Gods sake.

This information is privy to all nurses but something everyone should be aware of. Please if you go to the hospital make sure you need to go, and when you do be smart about it.

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