HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GAIN WEIGHT? and why you should not get discouraged when you do.

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 It takes about ONE MONTH to gain weight.

A friend of mine who is “dieting” recently said, ” I ate a bunch of cookies yesterday and this morning when I got on the scales I had gained a pound.” It is very unlikely that those cookies caused that weight gain. As I stated above those cookies won’t start to register on the scales for about another month if she does not go out and work them off with activity right away.  What the probable cause is and what it is for most of us is a decrease in activity.
A few months ago she had taken time off work due to an injury and her job required her to be on her feet all day, plus a lot of upper body movement. So her calories burned decreased significantly and her calories in increased.  Her period of decreased activity was approx. 2 months, and her weight began shortly into her second month and continued at a rapid rate until now which is about 4 months. So lets do the math here.
D.A.= decreased activity IC=increased calories.
The same is true of me. I was out of commission recently with a back injury and could not even walk or get into the car. I am back now thanks to my miracle body worker. (I will be doing an interview with him soon to share his wonderfulness with the world) But my period of decreased activity seriously impacted my body. Even though I tried to control the intake, when you are injured you do need to nourish your body to a certain extent, but it was not successful for me and now my pants are tight and even my arms feel larger. So again lets do the math
As her weight gain began shortly after her first month of inactivity and mine was approximately 1 month as I had to start back slowly, it is my opinion that weight gain occurs after 1 month of decreased activity and increased intake.
So why you should not get discouraged about this is THIS. Once you get back on track you may still be in the gaining cycle. What I mean by that is those cookies you ate 1 month ago and did not go out and worked them off, they are just about to take hold and add to your waistline, even though you are not eating as much. It may look like everything you are doing is not working. Remember it took well into a month to put it on, it is not going to come off in 3 days or a week!
Give yourself 1 MONTH to start seeing decrease in weight, decrease your calories in,  keep doing the 3minute workout and STICK TO IT!

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