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This Christmas season my 26 year old daughter came in the house with that deer in the headlights look on her face and said “Mom, I just heard that Madonna was killed in a car wreck” I can’t tell you the grief that immediately overcame me. It was as though she told me it was a family member. My body began to tremble and my thoughts were that of unbelief. I quickly opened up the internet news and there was nothing. My daughter checked the FB post again and came back with the report that it was fake.

FAKE NEWS…is not cool or funny.

HOW SICK CAN SOMEONE GET. FACEBOOK should be ashamed of themselves. I must say however that it is my belief that FB or (FULLOFBULL) has gotten too big for its own shoes. It is an unstable platform and can no longer be trusted.

Getting back to Madonna. The news of her death and how I reacted made me realize just how much a part of my history she has been. Even though she was not always my celeb icon, I have always admired her as an artist and entrepreneur.

She has stuck to her beliefs, and who she is.

Recently she won the “Woman of the Year” award and her speech was amazing.

In it she listed the rules of her trade as a woman, satirically one of them was NEVER AGE!

This one especially struck a chord with me, as I see how much our generation is so against aging. Don’t get me wrong I am all about staying forever young too. But I refuse to buy into the hype. The countless, cosmetic lines promoting age reversal, the miracle herbs, supplements and spices that will keep you young.

In my profession as a Hospice Nurse, most of my clients are elderly. (lately a lot of them are my age 50-60) I have to tell you there is no way to determine how old you are going to look as you age. I have seen thousands of people in my nine years of doing this job, who either look their age or older, rarely younger. In fact part of a medical doctors initial visit note often starts with this statement: This is an 80 year old woman who appears younger than her stated age or who appears her stated age or who appears much older than her stated age.

The thing I have noticed is that a persons appearance may be affected not only by their state of health, but their weight, their physical fitness, their sense of style and how old they think they are.

It is not that they have had tons of plastic surgery, which is not very common in this town that I live in, but how they view themselves in the aging process.

Some people start viewing themselves as old much too soon. As part of the baby boomer generation, many of my friends are old hippies and music lovers. We, like the many boomer musicians out there, ie Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Tina Turner, refuse to dress old, or start wearing our hair in an old persons style. You know what I am talking about.

In my workplace where many of the women who I started working with 9 years ago have since retired, I sadly watched many of them revert to the old lady bob before doing so. Some of them went Sharon Stone pixie which looks adorable, but the old lady bob, where it looks like you have just taken your hair out of the rollers is a great way to say “I’m old now”

What I am getting at is simply this. There is no magic Madonna workout. I can assure you that she works very hard at keeping up her fitness and her health.  She has been doing it for so long it has become a part of her life. It is natural to her and without doing it she would not feel alive. Madonna is worthy of the woman of the year award and I do look up to her and love her. If you read this Madonna I am so glad you did not die this year.

Just like anything else that is good in this life it doesn’t come easy.

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