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I can’t do a pull up to save my life.

(I don’t know if Kenny could or not. I don’t even know who Kenny is. But I doubt that he had the physical ability to do a pull up to save his life either.)  

I tried for several years to be able to do just one. I wanted to be able to do this to prepare for the possibility of ever having to do one to save my life.

Like for instance maybe I was hanging over a pool of sharks and the only way to get away was to pull myself up. Or maybe I was hanging over some train tracks and a train was coming and I had to do a pull up to clear the top of the train. You know those things could happen. In the event it did I couldn’t just rely on that super human strength that people get in life or death situations I wanted to be able to do it on my own.

I’m sad to say I was never able to do even ONE. 

That’s how a pull up could kill you.

Which brings me to this question. What activity COULD you do to save your life?

Maybe you can’t do a pull up…but consider these few things that could indirectly save your life.

Can you eat only one serving at meal time, and not go for seconds?

Can you incorporate exercise into your life? 

Can you drink 6-8 glasses of water each day?

Can you stop yourself from eating after 8 pm?

I think you totally can.

How will that save my life you may be thinking?

There are so many illnesses, life threatening and life debilitating conditions that are associated with being over weight. Believe me I have seen them all in my 30 plus years a as nurse,with these last 7 as a Hospice nurse.

It just takes some practice and a commitment of at least one year. By the end of that year, you will be so much more aware of those 4 practices they will be part of your new changed lifestyle. If you do eat after 8 pm you will feel a bit lousy about it so much so that the next night when you don’t you will feel elated and by morning, you will even have more joy.

It’s even better than doing a pull up.

Take the INTRO CLASS to get all the ammo to make this technique really sink in and take affect first time around. 


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