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Have you ever felt that you have given a thing your all and just don’t think you can do it anymore?

Today I feel that way about my home. I have lived here for 23 years and if I hadn’t had to refinance in a moment of desperation years ago, my home would have been paid in full in 2012. Now I have only  3 years left to pay on it, which is only  4 years short of 30 years. My original loan was a 15 year mortgage. It is so amazing to see only 5 figures on the balance instead of 6.  Now each payment goes almost totally to the principle so that it actually is making a dent in it. By the end of this year it will be in the 20,000’s which is less than one would pay for a new car. Needless to say my 1954 home is starting to need updating. Things are going wrong, and today I feel like I just don’t know if I can make it.


It reminds me of this movie I watched the other night called “The Way Out” a true story set in WW2 about prisoners of war, who escaped from a prison located in Siberia and walked to India. The conditions in the prison were horrible and the possibility of escape was a joke to most, as Siberia is one of the most harsh environments in the world. Not all of them made it alive, but the ones who did, just kept walking. There was a point in the movie when they arrived in Tibet and were given shelter and advised to stay until spring due to the coming snow and difficulty they would have to endure to cross over the mountains. Two of them were willing to do that because they were exhausted. In the morning when they discovered that the leader of their group had set out to finish they journey, they joined him and made it to India and eventually several years later after the war and other obstacles home. The leader had said the night before, we have endured difficult, which indeed they had.

I think it is the same thing we go through with our health and fitness goals. We have endured “difficult” . I have been highly motivated to give up sugar this year due to an elevated AIC count. (a healthy A1C is 5 or below) I want to do it, but it is one the hardest things I have ever had to do. I keep a picture of an insulin syringe at my desk to remind me of another possible life that awaits me if I continue with my sugar addiction. It is usually enough to keep me from giving in. The other day my co worker saw that I was struggling and when I said I was going to find chocolate she simply said, “Don’t do it” and that was enough. It stopped me in my tracks.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have someone like that to say don’t do it every time you have the urge to give up?

Yes we do have to just keep walking on our journey to health and weight loss. Keep our eyes set on the goal and eventually we will reach it. Enduring difficulty is just part of life. If anyone is telling that their way is easy, they are big fat liars.

So let’s do this thing. Lets set our sights on freedom and not stop walking until we reach our INDIA.

I have all the tools to give to you and from this story you know that I totally understand your struggles. Someone has to lead and that is why I created this business in the first place. To lead women out. We all have certain personal and invisible prisons we have either created ourselves or have had them inflicted upon us. Some are more visible than others. Our weight is a type of prison. We can go on believing that we have tried every way possible to lose it and stop trying or we can just keep walking. Together we can make it.

Join me today on this prison break, we have endured difficult already!

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