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Today my friend asked me who my massage guy was because she was having sciatica pain. I told her I fired him for various reasons.

*It’s not a new concept that exercise helps prevent back pain. I haven’t had back pain for three years using this 3 minute trick*

He used a type of deep tissue massage combined with shiatsu, using the pressure points along the meridians in your body. I have been going to him for years for  a back problem I had. (NOTE the use of past tense) He felt comfortable enough with me to share some of his off the wall beliefs, which I just chalked off as eccentricity. Like his belief of an entire underground world below us filled with aliens. (I saw that movie as a kid, the pod people) His weird diet tips he gave me. Like the one that was a supplement you could only get at the large animal feed store. He crossed the line though when he told me that he recently found out that the Holocaust was not really that bad. Plus I’m pretty sure he caused my left foot to go numb by working on a muscle behind my knee that was not in any distress. 

What I realized though after I talked to her this morning is that I have not had the pain since I have been doing the 3minute workout. I had been going to him for a few years just for a “tune up” as he said that it was needed to prevent the back pain from coming back. Now when I think about it now I haven’t had the disabling back pain for 3 years, which is just one year less than how long I have been doing the workout. 

It is not a new concept that exercise helps prevent back pain, and there are countless websites and tons of information to document that. No doctor would dispute it. The crux of the whole idea is how and if you apply it to your life. If you suffer from any type of back malady, and have been to a doctor for it, had the MRI know what you are dealing with, and your doctor has recommended exercise, then take the next step. 


Begin by collecting exercises from different sources on the internet, specific for your malady.  Once you have gathered 5 or 6, try them out 3 minutes at a time. If you find them too difficult or that any of them cause your back to tweak, STOP doing them.


Schedule 3 minutes every morning to fit them in and as you become better at them increase the amount of 3 minute intervals you do in your day.


Walk whenever you can, the old adage, “Use it or Lose it” is true. Add walking in where ever you can.


To get the support and information from the expert in 3minute workouts join the revolution, with countless others who have found the benefit of short bursts of moderate intensity exercise.


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