One simple concept

Happy Weight loss will not transform you into a hardbodied 20 year old.

If you are looking for that keep looking.

This is a no BS, common sense program that helps you set reasonable goals. You will see the benefits if faithful to the program for one year and it will open up new arenas and levels of fitness that you might not have ever thought of before to get you to those goals.

There is so much information out there how can anyone be sure of who to believe?

Perhaps this little bio will help you. As they say to know someone is to love someone…..

I have been a medical professional for over 30 years,

I have seen just about every cause and condition that manifests with weight loss and weight gain.

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In my 30 plus years of nursing I have taught women in many different settings

I started my nursing career as a young 20 year old working on a Gastrointestinal Unit that specialized in the “jejunal bypass surgeries” Which if you are familiar with this surgery it is for people who felt so hopeless in their attempts to lose weight that they decided to have part of their bowel removed. Which then gave them a life of watery stools, and limited enjoyment of what they could eat. Many then had to have plastic surgery to remove the apron which is the flap of skin left hanging. I did mostly pre op and post op teaching for these people, which was essential to the success of their recovery.

I then moved on to my first”love field” of OBSTETRICS

I became a Lamaze instructor and taught women and their partners who wanted a natural childbirth.  I did this long before I ever had a child myself, but because of my expertise and knowledge of the process, I was able to arm all my students with the ammunition they needed to be successful. My students had a very high success rate as far as attaining their goals of a natural drug free birth. They did so because of the knowledge they had been given on the process, what to expect, and how to manage each scenario. The same was true of my breastfeeding moms moms who were having difficulties with milk production or fussy babies.

I became a massage therapist

in 1983 and practiced for 12 years in my private practice and working with a chiropractor. I worked with athletes, stressed out nurses and pain ridden friends while keeping up my current position as an RN as well. I  became certified in infant massage teaching moms to massage their babies as a form of communication and to help alleviate symptoms of colic or birth trauma. I specialized in massage for pregnant women.  I taught their partners how to massage them during the birthing process, to be helpful, not irritating and not get their heads knocked off by a laboring woman.

From this field I went on to work in rural nursing, geriatrics, pyschiatric, emergency room and finally Hospice.

During my career I obtained several certifications including:

  • trauma nurse certified 

  • Pediatric advanced life saving

  • Adult advanced life saving certification. 

  • Infant massage instruction


I have seen the effects that poor lifestyle choices have made on the elderly, and how excess weight can become not only a burden on ones bone structure but a threat to ones life.

I also know from my experiences that there is only one true way to lose weight. It is really the basis of every plan out there stripped of all the fluff. No one wants to hear that they eat too much or that they don’t exercise enough.  Am I right? We already feel bad enough that our reflection in the mirror has changed so much that we can hardly recognize the person who is looking back at us.  While it is true that the concept of eating less of the right foods and exercising more would contribute to achieving weight loss, that would mean having to rely on willpower and some pretty good motivation. Motivation by the way is the number one deterrent or key to successful weight loss program. 

What you need to know is that change is possible!

It all has to do with the power of our brain pathways. As I explained earlier when I was an OB nurse teaching Lamaze classes to pregnant woman and their partners to prepare them for the child-birthing process, I saw the power of creating new pathways in our brain. 

The laboring woman is taught to focus on another “focal point” during the contraction or pain. This causes her brain to perceive the pain as lessened. Although much more to this process, my students had a 90% success rate. Meaning they were able to have the natural childbirth as planned. The second key part of this process, is that they were informed of every obstacle that they might come up against and were prepared with many tactics to bring them through. 

These obstacles in our weight loss journey can be referred to as “RESISTANCE” . You can count on it occurring to deter you from your course. So it is essential to prepare by identifying the resistance and it’s many forms it can take. 

It’s really a simple concept, but we all know not so easy to implement.

I now teach a class to women who really have the desire to change their lifestyle and incorporate this simple idea into their lives. 

learn more about the class here

This is a unique one of a kind approach to weight loss, and is for the rebel spirits out there who are sick of all the hype and BS.

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