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So last week I told you about my protein coma.

Since then I have done a bit of research and have figured out how to avoid the crash and burn syndrome. Most of the research I found was based on consuming large quantities of food at one sitting as in Thanksgiving Dinner. But that is not what was happening to me. I was just eating small amounts of foods with high protein content and mostly protein. I am sharing some of the tips I have found and some of the scientific reasons it occurs.

So the reason it occurs is because of a glucose spike (even if you aren’t eating sugar all foods breakdown into either fructose, glucose or sucrose) and then it is followed by an insulin spike. The insulin is the clean up crew and comes in to mop up all the extra sugar and bringing your blood glucose back into normal levels.  The other thing insulin brings is a little hormone called Serotonin . Serotonin also is synthesized by the pineal gland to make melatonin, the hormone that is directly related to healthy sleep.  Melatonin we all know that is the sleeping hormone. So there it is in a nutshell. Simple easy and natural explanation. However not always convenient when you drive for a living or even have to sit in an office cubicle. Falling asleep is not an option. Right?

So here are a few things you can do that have been working for me:

  • First of all don’t wait too long to eat. If you are doing the intermittent fasting, it might be wise to shorten it with a small portion of your next meal. So if you were going to have fruit and cottage for lunch, try taking a couple bites of the cottage a couple hours before breaking the fast. This will keep your blood sugar leveled out so no big spikes. The fruit would probably spike it too fast. So use your slow burning protein like the cottage or a few almonds.

  • Second, get up and move every hour if you can. At your office get up do a rapid walk around the building (inside or out what ever is most feasible and safe) Do a 3 minute workout at your desk or if you are driving get out at a park and do one.

  • Third drink ice water, if anything can rev you up it’s a nice tall glass of ice water.

  • Fourth get plenty of sleep at night. Did you know that most of the fat burning is done while you are sleeping. So if you are not sleeping well you are not burning fat.

  • Fifth and I haven’t tried this but put your head down between your legs to get more blood to your head. Not recommended while you are driving.

  • Sixth and last SLOW DOWN when you eat. Eating slower not only increased your level of satiety. 20 minutes is a safe place to start. Make your meal a pleasant event and one that last at least 20 minutes. This and so many other lifestyle changing tips are included in Happy Weight Loss my all natural weight loss class. Please check out this page and let me know if you want on board when this ship sails.

  • Please don’t get into the caffeine trap. You know the one. You feel like your dragging midday, you stop in for your favorite sugary coffee or chai tea drink that costs a small fortune and ZING you are feeling alive again. But then when it is time to go to bed several hours later you cannot sleep because that caffeine is still stimulating your brain chemistry. So you don’t sleep well and wake up craving more caffeine. BOOM your trapped.

Keep getting plenty of protein it is still king in helping you to achieve your weight loss goals!

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We all need FAT and CARBS in our diets but let's face it why eat beau coup protein if it is loaded with fat and end up gaining weight instead of losing?

In this report I have done all the research for you and discovered some of the richest sources of protein that are actually good for you and listed them in order of highest to least and also included their sidekick content of fat and carb. 

Because there are so many variances from reference to reference when compiling this list, I decided if the food had protein content greater than 18g per serving it would be considered high under 18g medium and under 8g low. If it is included in the list it is significant enough to include in your diet. 

This list will take you out of that holding pattern you have been in and get you soaring to new heights with your weight loss and strength gaining goals. 


As an added bonus I am including recipes that I found and have tried and some that I actually created that are scrumptiously delicious.

If you have a sweet tooth say good bye to that old villain and say hello to my little friend...


Protein packs a powerful punch when it comes to satiety  and knocking cravings on their butts. Yes fat takes a lot of crap but without it we could be in big trouble.

  • Fat is necessary for the proper absorption of some vitamins, such as vitamin D, A, E and K, as well as lycopene, which has been shown to be instrumental in the battle against prostate cancer. Just sayin!

I like to think of fat as the Robin of my diet. What would Batman/Protein be without him? his best! RIGHT?

This little report will make your life so much simpler and planning meals a breeze. No more waiting for your internet to load or searching countless sites and sifting through pages of dietary stats. I got it all right here Simple Simon, easy peasy. 

So just put in your info and you will be directed to the downloadable report in a jiffy. 

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