Happy Weightloss

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if…

  • there was a natural weight loss program that cost little or no money?
  • a program that is completely initiated and maintained by you, rather than depending on others?
  • that uncovers the why behind your weight gain
  • that is aligned with your values 
  • can be achieved by investing small increments of your time
  • does not rely on will power or behavior that you know you should do but do anyway
  • that does not have winners or loser
  • where everyone is celebrated and success is where you are now
  • that increases it’s validity as more people adopt it.

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Are you with me?

3minute inc  will take you from sedentary couch potato who has grown cauliflower on her butt cheeks, to vibrant, “stylin”, confident, and fit beauty.

You can have muscle definition, increased cardio capacity, while reaping the many other physical  and psychological benefits of exercise. You will basically just “feel good” about yourself again.   It can all be yours without having to go to the gym or buying any stinkin’ gym clothes…simply start with 3 minutes…

it just takes 3 minutes

Are you worth it?

Achieving a healthy weight with a program that fits into your life naturally is possible.

Happy Weight Loss 

is an all natural weight loss class that will do all this and more for you. No special equipment or special clothing required! I know what you’re thinking…”It sounds too good to be true” but seriously if such a thing exists, I think I have found it!

For busy women like you that can’t find time in their day to get in a bowel movement let alone an exercise class, this is for you and it actually works!

Even if you are so busy you have forgotten how to have a bowel movement

Even if you have resolved never to step foot in another gym or exercise class

Even if you have failed every attempt to lose weight and have decided you LOVE the Kaftan

Even if you wouldn’t be caught dead in another pair of capri tights.


3minuteinc has been perfecting this technique for the past three years. In that time I have come up against every obstacle imaginable and overcome them all. The results of losing the weight and not gaining it back plus increasing cardio capacity and actually having muscle definition in some muscle groups is totally achievable.

As a registered nurse for over 30 years I have worked along side primarily other women. I have had first hand exposure to the “why” in why women gain weight. Especially nurses. Because so many nurses become overweight, I also have seen them try and fail with ALL of the latest and greatest weight loss plans out there. Time after time I have seen these women lose and gain, lose and gain over and over and over.


Because they are trying to incorporate something into their lives that is unnatural and most of the time un-do-able.

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Most fitness programs require:

1. a time commitment of at least 30-90 minutes a day

2. a change of clothing

3. you to perform physical feats that are just impossible

4. are taught by extremely fit and younger women, which is depressing and may lead to comfort eating.

THIS IS THE PERFECT FITNESS PROGRAM FOR YOU Even if you have failed before.

That’s why I’m determined to get this to you and share my experience using this unique weight loss technique. It is probably the simplest fitness program ever invented and a totally natural process, that is true and backed by medical knowledge and scientific research.

If you follow my simple instructions, your likelihood of success is very high…even if you have failed before.

Why am I so tenacious about it?

Because this program will disintegrate all the false hype out there surrounding the weight loss industry. It incorporates exercise into your day throughout the day naturally, using short bursts of moderate intensity exercise.

Research has proven that this type of movement can produce the following:


Do you have that in your current fitness program? If yes good for you if not get it here and listen to this…..


      • you don’t have to change your clothes

        you don’t have to drive to the gym

        you don’t have to carve out an hour and half  in your day to workout

        you don’t have to spend beau coup bucks on expensive gym memberships and gym clothes.


Starting with just 3 minutes a day, during your normal activities of daily life:

  • Getting kids ready for school
  • Getting yourself ready for work or any event
  • Waiting for the bus/cab
  • Waiting for the copier to finish printing
  • Working on your website or other computer related jobs
  • Cooking dinner
  • Washing dishes
  • Waiting for an appointment
  • In the ladies room
  • Driving to appointments
  • Getting gas for your car
  • At work at your desk
  • Folding clothes… the list goes on.

There are countless opportunities.

Once you start incorporating it into your life 3 minutes at a time you will begin to see and feel the mental and physical benefits. As you gradually increase the 3 minute bursts, you will have an increase in energy and soon you will be doing 6 minutes… then 9… then 18. It will be a natural process just like brushing your teeth. 

It will become so natural that if you don’t do it you will feel gross!Circus-3 and imagine how

Imagine how you would feel….

When you are able to fit in 30 minutes of exercise into your day…

When your friends notice you are wearing sleeve-less tops because your arms are no longer flabby.

When you can climb those stairs and are the only one who is not out of breath

When you can push that plate away and say I’m full and mean it.

When you are the one that is influencing others to change their lives as well.


There are of course no guarantees of weight loss as you are the variable.

There is a bigger risk of failure if you do nothing.

In the class you will  immediately begin to incorporate the step by step  easy to follow methods to get you on the path to losing the weight in a way that is simple and natural!

Using my personal experience and expertise as a registered nurse, as well as research that has been done in the study of short bursts of moderate intensity exercise, versus long high intensity workouts, I have discovered that there is really only one way that people lose weight. It is the basis of all weight loss programs, diets and fitness plans.

The difference is that most weight loss and fitness programs have a gimmick to make you think it is some sort of miracle or fast way to do it.

Believe me all of them use this concept as the underlying basis and guess what…..it costs nothing to access it.   

Under all the fluff of every weight loss program is this: simple black Once you grasp onto this concept your risk of failure is significantly reduced.

 Why do you need a teacher?

There are four essential ingredients to success in any program


In the class and in my private group you will be hearing the same thing over and over again from various sources, until it becomes the norm and accepted as the truth


I will get you past the psychological barriers that prevent you from attaining your desires


You have the support of a skilled and loving coach to keep you accountable and give you the tools to arm yourself against all the fiery darts that you will surely come up against to keep you focused.


 is the true power. Experience shows that people that go into a program with full knowledge have a much higher success rate. With the knowledge you receive you will be able to shoot down any argument from any of your well meaning friends and family and yourself.

This is a unique one of a kind approach to weight loss, and is for the rebel spirits out there who are sick of all the industry hype and want an simple and honest system that works…



A complete program consisting of inspiring content, one on one coaching,  weekly homework, worksheets to complete prior to the next session, bonus packages and other valuable resources, showing you how to incorporate exercise into your life, create a “designed for you” caloric deficit, complete with customized meal plans while getting the inside scope on how to deal with all the possible obstacles you may come up against. There are 24 tasks to complete to become a successful Happy Weight Loss hero.

Here are some sample content:

TASK ONE: Uncover the why behind your weight begin immediately by  incorporating exercise into your day with ease,  Discover the 3 major causes of failure and how to defeat them, Workout like a ninja incorporating your surroundings. Know the correlation between Food and Finances and how tracking can change the way you look at both of them forever. One simple action that can help you lose 4 pounds in one year without doing anything else but this.

TASK TWO: Goal setting and decluttering your mind your life and your excess fat.  The scientific basis behind the 3minute revolution, the physical benefits, how to tackle the psychological factors you will come up against, defeating the backslider mentality, how to stay strong when in stressful circumstances, valuable links to the best fitness resources out there,

TASK EIGHT: Develop your own mission statement, by determining what you value and what is your purpose.  Starting before you are ready, setting goals that you can achieve, finding your motivation, how to accept where you are right now and the importance of it, the 3minuteinc mantra and how to create your own.

TASK TWENTY-ONE: Fifteen steps to start feeling lovely before you lose the weight,  learn techniques to get yourself out of the funk and start feeling lovely before you start losing the weight, privy to a few medical secrets to help you to get to lovely, including the feel good hormone and how to release it and the one vitamin you can get for free that will enhance your mood.

No Questions asked guarantee

A 100% satisfaction guarantee is provided. This applies only to the program itself as I cannot guarantee results. I can guarantee that the content is true and valid and will if applied to your life for a period of one year create a lifestyle change that will in turn provide you the tools to attain your weight loss goals. You will also have a lifetime access to the program you purchased.

Why should you trust me?

They say I have a quality called STICK-TO-IT-NESS …


In the movie “Outrageous Fortune” with Bette Midler and Shelly Long there is a scene that best describes why you can trust me. It is where Shelly Long is trying to outrun her assailant and she leaps or voles’ over those craggy rocks. As she makes it to the last rock and her would be assailant does not and falls to his death, she yells down at him, 

        “9 YEARS OF BALLET A_ _HOLE”

Now I would never call you that but I could say “38 YEARS OF NURSING”I have seen every imaginable condition and disease. I have seen people lose and gain weight in every situation. In my 30 plus years I have acquired multiple certifications and levels of expertise in many areas of nursing including the following…

 Why ?

1. I want to show as many people as possible that they can get into shape without buying into all the hype..ie workout clothes, gym memberships, classes, supplements. etc..

2. I want 3minute inc to be as common as dental floss and exercise to be as natural as brushing your teeth

3. I want to dispel all the weight loss myths out there with one simple truth

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