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Let's talk turkey

Let’s talk turkey

Do you talk to your stomach?

You should.

By now you should know that the number one reason we gain weight is because we consume more food than we can burn as energy.

In the All Natural Weight Class, we uncover the reasons why we do that.

Here is one trick you can use as we head into the holiday season where you will be bombarded with tempting and disgustingly sweet and fattening things to eat.

Talk to your tummy.

You heard me right.

Before you reach for that treat or dip or chip, take a second and ask, “is my tummy hungry?” or “is my mouth watering?” If your mouth is watering but your tummy is just fine, you are not hungry.


I’m not saying you can’t imbibe in any of the holiday traditions. But just don’t eat it if you are not hungry.

Ask your tummy! Then respect it. 

I have a great algorithm to stop mindless eating to add to your ammo for the holidays click here to download your copy.


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