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Did you know a good nights sleep is an essential factor in achieving your weight loss goals?

Its true. This is a scientific fact. Our body performs certain functions while we sleep. The main function that I want to talk about also affect how our body releases body fat to be burned for energy, which in turn would result in weight loss and fat loss. The Human Growth Hormone/HGH is what I am talking about. It is a naturally occurring chemical in our body that reaches it’s height in production in our 20’s. From there it starts to drop off. It is the major hormone emitted by our pituitary gland and is a key component of the endocrine system. It actually stimulates the production of another hormone-like substance called, Insulin Growth Factor or IGF., which works directly with the HGH to regulate our metabolism and promote growth. HGH is released in short bursts throughout the day but 70% of production occurs…you guessed it, WHILE WE SLEEP!!

This is an excerpt from my Happy Weight Loss course.  Which is about to launch. In the course you will be schooled in the science of weight loss. But in an interesting way. For instance even though our HGH production drops in our 20’s  our bodies are not going to let us down. We have a pineal gland as well that produces another substance that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. It is called Melatonin. Now Melatonin like HGH also decreases production as we age. However unlike HGH (which is highly risky to take as a supplement, requires medical supervision and is super expensive) Melatonin can be bought over the counter easily for a few bucks. It ensures a good nights sleep which will result in an increase in your naturally occurring HGH and thus more fat burning potential. 

The other factor in getting a good nights sleep is your mattress. I am sure many of you have seen the new craze in mattresses that are on social media. So I thought I would research them and have found one that I can’t wait to get for myself.  Check this out. The company is called * BEARMATTRESS.

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