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Those were the words I recently heard behind me at my grand daughters softball game.

When I casually turned around expecting to see someone who maybe hadn’t had a decent meal in several weeks or months, I hid my shock as it was not the case at all.  Let’s just say she was well nourished.

What on earth made her think she was having a hunger pain? and Why announce it?

 We will never know the answer to those two questions but this I know…her stomach was lying to her.

The one thing most people do not realize is this:

Most of the time when you think you are hungry, you are only thirsty.


If you are one of the many Americans out there that is receiving false messages from your stomach to your brain…STOP NOW and do this one thing that will help you control your weight and your appetite.


Yes it’s that simple, and here’s why…

Number one: No adult ever needs to get up and go get food at their kids 2 hour softball game even if they haven’t had dinner. Your kid is out there sweating in the hot sun and dirt, and is only drinking water, you can do it too.

Number two: Ice water is a natural appetite suppressant, and drinking water before each meal will help you to eat less when it is time for the whole family to go eat after the game.

I have created an algorithm for mindless eating that I would like to give to you download it and paste it on your refrigerator or dashboard of your car.

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