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Some things just don’t look good on old ladies!

She was a petite, deeply grooved wrinkle faced old lady with glasses and white hair. Wearing it in that style…you know the bob with curls that look like rollers are still in them. But it wasn’t the hairstyle, face or for that matter the clothes that was wrong it was something else. 

Her sick friend in the hospital had thanked her for coming to see her and told her she was beautiful, the old lady responded,

“I look like sh_t today”

It was that comment that did not look good on her.

It did not fit her or the situation. I’m not one to judge others and most cuss words don’t bother me. In fact that particular “s” word has been my favorite for years.  Something was just wrong. Was it because I wasn’t expecting it? Was it just out of place in that setting?

Whatever the reason I have decided my potty mouth days are over. 

There comes a time and an age when we have to put away our potty mouths, tight jeans and high heels and look to the classics and more refined styles with your own panache of course.

If you are still under 40 you might as well start cleaning it up now, so that by the time you are white haired you will have refined your style. 

Which brings me to something new on the horizon for 3 minute inc.  

I have been told that I have style and was always one step ahead of the fashion trends since I was I young girl.

I still get compliments on my outfits almost everyday. I cherish these compliments as they empower me to go to the next level of helping others achieve the same fashion panache. A certain amount of style sense and fashion sense is God given, meaning you are born with it. However I believe there are some ways to improve a persons fashion style and at least get them to like how they look. Which is one of the foundation principals for the 3 minute way.

When you look good you feel good and when you feel good you look good.  They are reciprocal of each other and necessary in the success of this program.

3 Minute Inc is proud to announce 3 Minute Style. 

Here you will find simple ways to define your own unique style and begin feeling good about the way you look, way before you begin to lose the weight. There are ways to conceal those extra little rolls that have accumulated in a beautiful stylish and comfortable way. 

I’m super excited to get to share this with you as it has been a passion of mine as far back as I can remember. Please sign up for information on upcoming events. 

(By the way I will never wear my hair in that bob white or pink.)

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