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powerful graffiti in difficult times

powerful graffiti in difficult times


( this is not the actual graffiti, the one I am referring to is a train trestle over Sprague just past Argonne.)

Every day it makes me question whether or not I am…living free.

Yesterday was my birthday, while I was celebrating with my lovely family and enjoying the beauty of the day and the company of the ones I love, the world around us was turning upside down. I’m talking about the police shootings and protests/riot that ensued afterwards with more unnecessary deaths. That cannot possibly be the meaning of living free. 

This is the week of our country’s declaration of independence. The whole premise behind the building and creation of this country was to live free. Free of persecution and free to pursue our own paths. Something went wrong along the way. Throughout history there has always been the absence of respect for the paths that others follow. Freedom should not be attained at the cost of someone else losing theirs.  If you are an American I do not need to remind you of what points in history I am referring to. 

Over this same freedom weekend I received a distress call from one of my kids who had gone on a camping trip with “friends” she had known for several years. She didn’t have her phone so called from a resort and said “they weren’t the people she thought they were”. She said she was on her way home on the 4th which was only a five hour drive but I did not hear from her until the next day when one of the “friends” called to say that although my daughter was ok the other girl was in the hospital in a neighboring state due to an asthma attack. Talk about a “cluster”

During those hours waiting for her to come home, and not being able to contact her I felt hostage to fear. I had nothing so I prayed, I am not ashamed to say it I prayed to Jesus. I called out his name out loud. I said “You are all I have, just get her home.”  Luckily after I talked to the friend I called my son who was also on his way home from his celebration of freedom and was only one hour away from her. He picked her up and delivered her safely to our home.  I cannot express the feelings of pure exhaustion followed by fullness of gratitude that I experienced. 

I am reminded today that we are never free from the pressures of the two forces at battle inside of each and everyone of us. Doing right and doing wrong. Humans are naturally pulled towards doing wrong, we have to be taught to do right and there is an “age of knowing” that we should all come to early on in our lives. 

To live free then is to live the golden rule.

Love one another as you love yourself. Do unto others as you would want them to do to you. Let His spirit dwell in you, to produce: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and above all self control. Always do your best work to have the personal satisfaction of a job well done and won’t ever need to compare yourself to anyone else. Bear your own faults and burdens. Share each others troubles and problems. Gently and humbly help someone who is on the wrong path remembering that the next time it might be you who is in the wrong. 

There is power in this and with that power comes freedom. Let us live free with the power of love produced by his Holy Spirit.  

You can try to produce this by your own power (and I encourage you to try) but you will always fall short as we are humans and none of us is perfect.

Call out his name… He is all we have. 

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