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People all around the world die every second and I bet many of them have regrets of not doing something or reaching a goal. This doesn’t necessarily have to do with fitness or achieving body goals. This thought can be used in any area of life.LIVE EVERY DAY FULLY AND DO AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. GO AFTER YOUR DREAMS. DON’T LET YOUR IDEAS DIE-you never know. It’s never to late to get started!

Counting calories can be a drag and a tedious job. Getting up each day and moving your booty is not easy. To ensure that you continue to gain momentum let me help you, and keep it interesting.

I will check in with you everyday. No form emails with upsales. One on one communication between you and your coach just as though we were sitting in a sunny room talking.

I will get you through the first month. Then if it is working for you sign up for another month until you are confident to fly on your own. You can always come back to coaching.

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Accountability sticks it!

I know from my medical background as a registered nurse that patient teaching is of the utmost importance in reducing the recovery time and accelerating the healing process of any individual. In fact a major part of a nurses documentation should always include: “patient teaching done, patient acknowledges a clear understanding” The second extremely important part of the process is providing enough information to both patient and family so that they feel confident in knowing what to do and what to expect after they are discharged to home. Knowledge is real power.