Happy Weight Loss


Happy Weight Loss a comprehensive 25 task course with in depth look into the why behind your weight so that you can change patterns. Includes worksheets and homework assignments. The better you feel the more you can do to feel better.  As you ignite the body’s ability to  produce feel good hormones and chemicals with 3 minutes of exercise,  you begin to feel good mentally and physically. It begins a new thought process or brain pathway to happiness. A 12 week program.

This price includes the book/course only. Contact me for coaching at Jan@3minuteinc.com


What if it is just another program that gets shoved in my junk mail or “special file” ? What if I can’t do it?  3 minutes a day doesn’t seem like it is enough. Those are all the old stories that have kept you “stuck” It’s time to start telling a new story. There is scientific evidence proving that by doing this type of movement your brain cannot dwell on negative thoughts and during activity parts of your brain are actually “lit up.”  The movements are designed so that everyone can do them. Thus by interrupting negative thoughts and old behavior patterns you will begin to create new brain pathways…new habits.