WHO IS YOUR celebrity icon

The space between you and them is not really that far!

I know what you’re thinking, how can looking at someone who is obviously flawless help me to feel good about the way I look?

The truth is your celeb is just another girl, she has struggles she suffers, she considers parts of her as flaws.

The difference between you and her is really not that much, it is just how they take their flaw and use it to their advantage.

Take a walk with me in my one day workshop to uncover the celeb in you. I will also reveal some of the secrets that my own celebrity icons have shared over the years in interviews and memoirs.

You might be thinking well:

My celebrity’s butt hasn’t relocated or just plain flattened out of site! She doesn’t have saggy granny arms and I’m pretty sure she is satisfied with her own reflection in the mirror. And oh yes she has never had a weight problem!

Stop all the bashing right now and think about this….

 What if you could start feeling lovely before you lost the weight?

What if you could do it in one day?

As a style saavy nurse with 38 years of experience I know a few secrets…including

  • the secret feel good hormone and how to release it!

  • what Vitamin is used in the mental health industry to improve cognition, mood and overall health and how to get it FREE!

  • the neurotransmitter chemical you can access simply by cleaning out your closet

  • how to tap into your inner super power and celeb status 

      There are 21 physical and mental tweaks included to regain lovely today, and downloadable worksheets to complete that will give you a sense of accomplishment and completion at the end of the day.

Imagine cuddling up on your favorite comfy chair or even in your cozy bed. Wrapped around your softest blanket or robe and your fuzzy slippers. Fix a hot cup of something and fire up your laptop to enjoy a day with just you. After the day ends you feel loved refreshed and ready to try out all the new tricks to begin again feeling lovely.


Spend a little time with your celebrity get to really know her.

Find out how to take a great selfie and why it will improve your wardrobe choices in one day.

get in on a big celeb secret on getting rid of your tummy (without a tummy tuck)

play with an awesome app that you can change your hair color, style and make up

drink green tea and eat healthy food all day.

go get fresh air and receive one free feel good vitamin free.

You will receive all these valuable and useful links that will take you straight to lovely and bring out the girl in you that you may have forgotten and start nurturing her with love and care she needs to feel lovely again.

Do it because it is right, do it for you.

Do something about something today!