Isn’t it great?

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Divided we fall united we stand

It’s the year 2020. Isn’t that GREAT!? Our country is at the brink of war and perhaps the brink of world war. Now that is just GREAT!.

Wasn’t that Trumps campaign slogan four long years ago?


I don’t know about you but what is happening now is not my definition of GREAT!

We are crumbling. It makes me wonder just how solid our American foundations were to begin with. There is a lot of history that goes beyond the pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock.

We can stand here now and scratch our heads and keep wondering, or we can view this as an opportunity to build new foundations.

My 16 year old granddaughter goes to a project based high school. The foundations of that school promote a growth mindset. Meaning that if one tries hard enough they will succeed. “I can grow my intelligence and skills through effort, practice, and challenge. The brain grows bigger with use, like a muscle”.

Perhaps our country could start developing it’s muscle, by increasing intelligence, not power.

Improve the mental health community by encouraging them that effort and practice improve skills, work quality, and performance and that the process takes patience and time. Replace SSI with programs that develop confidence and workplace environments suitable for people who “think different”

Independently seeks and finds personal relevance in the work by connecting it to interests or goals, reflecting on progress towards mastery, or identifying autonomous choices

Encourage high school students to strategically and independently seek academic challenge and take risks to pursue learning.. To seek and find personal relevance in the work by connecting it to interests or goals, reflecting on progress towards mastery, to develop a sense of what they are good at and what makes them feel alive. Hopefully producing a nation of self sufficient and happy people. Not weighed down by a huge debt to our government for student loans.

Elect in to office open minded government officials with the ability to analyze and overcome personal barriers (mindset, beliefs, circumstances) that could inhibit taking risks that would better our nation and the people lives who live here.

Decrease the unemployment rate by providing programs that help people to reflect on personal or academic growth from challenges, failures, or setbacks as well as why and how reactions (i.e. giving up or trying harder) affect the product, process, and learning

To create a nation that is consistently confident not an arrogant and selfish and rude society. Applying that confidence to help other countries that are in need to regain a status of “The Home of the Free and the land of the Brave” A status that was obtained by the mindset that success is possible by knowing and using academic strengths, previous successes, or endurance gained through personal struggle, Let us do good by doing well.


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