Sex and Chocolate

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Chocolate is like sex. Sometimes the memory of a good experience is better than actually having it. j. oliver

This is what I told my friend and co worker the other day as she impulsively grabbed a Halloween chocolate out of the bowl in our office. She thanked me profusely.

If you fail to follow through with a plan you decided to complete, judging or punishing yourself will not help. Alejandro Junger MD CLEAN

I just finished reading a book by Chris Wark called “Chris beat Cancer” in it he tells of his own journey of healing his body and ridding it of cancer. It is a wonderful book and full of detoxifying habits to start including in your life, with or without cancer. Today I picked up the book called CLEAN by Alejandro Junger MD. It too is about detoxifying in a very toxic world. I am ready to jump in with both feet. Although I am not a big fan of packaged food plans, so I will complete the book first and see if I can adapt his plan without the packaged end of it. The quote above is vital to your success in any plan you set out to do to improve your life including:

  • weight loss
  • financial
  • healing
  • stress reduction

Both of these men and their programs site “movement” as one of the key elements in the healing process. What better way to start a healing program than with just 3 minutes. It is something you CAN do without feeling like you have failed another program. The mission statement at 3minute inc is this:

If you fall simply get yourself up, brush off the dust and get back on the bike. j oliver.

I helped my friend by taking the chocolate from her as I know she wants to stop eating out of habit and stress and is trying to lose weight. This is what friends do. I helped her get back on the bike. Today I want you to think of yourself as your own best friend. Before you buy that piece of furniture, clothing, or accessory ask yourself this, “Is this in alignment with my goal of paying off all my debt?” Before you eat that second helping or dessert ask yourself, ” How will I feel afterwards, will this help me reach my goal of losing unwanted pounds? Try inserting these habits into your life as well as the ones below from 1000 little Things happy, successful people do differently by Marc and Angel Chernoff.

Take tiny steps today. Just like inserting 3 minutes of fitness into your day, the whole thing will snowball and soon you will want to do more and more. With your finances after paying off one debt you will feel the freedom in it and want to keep going. Just keep swimming.

Don’t give up. Start surrounding yourself with like minded people who want to heal, want to change their lifestyle and reduce/eliminate toxic elements from their life.


A registered nurse with a passion to dispel weight loss myths and revolutionize the fitness culture with one simple truth. There is only one way to lose weight that all fitness and weight loss plans are based on and that is to EAT LESS and EXERCISE MORE. I have developed a unique technique that incorporates short bursts of moderate intensity exercise into your day throughout the day without the drama and chaos of making multiple wardrobe changes.


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