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Is it a sphygmomanometer or is it a TV-O-METER?

As a Hospice nurse I see many levels of life and health.

There are those that have had perfect health all of their lives  and are struck down by illness rapidly.  There are those that have multiple disease processes going on that they have lived with for years and have been dying slowly for all those years. Many are in their 90’s and have had good health until their last days. They then develop some life limiting disease or they fall and begin the downward spiral that often ensues after sustaining a fractured hip. The other day I met with a man who was at the end of his life and his caregiver/daughter.  She told me that she knew he was declining when he hadn’t watched TV for 3 days, because he ALWAYS  has the TV on.  At first I thought how sad, to gauge ones level of health by the amount of TV one watches.

It was then I realized that each person gauges what is health differently.

What is health and what is quality are also very different for each person. That same week I watched one of those uplifting Facebook videos about a young man who had lost his face, arms and legs in the war. It went on to show how he recovered. The whole time his main goal was to spend quality time with his toddler son. Even though he no longer had legs or arms, he felt he had quality of life because he was with his son and his son was accepting this new face and new Daddy.

So I would ask you now to take time to think about what is your indicator of health. Is it absence of disease or injury? Is it a low BP and good circulation and regular heart rate and low LDL? Is it attaining your ideal body weight, is it getting your blood sugar under control and getting off your medications?

What is you indicator of quality of life, is it spending time with your family and loved ones, is it having time to do and see the things in this world you have dreamed about or is it seeing your dream come to life?

There is no right or wrong answer here. But essential for all of us to uncover just what it is so that we don’t have to be dying to start creating it or seeking it.

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