Still…we celebrate

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Celebrare:to celebrate, to keep, to preserve, keep safe, keep close, to keep by way of protection, observe, to hold together.

A mid 15 century word that was used to define public assembly to honor, sing praises of, and originally gather frequently in great numbers.

I am currently writing a piece about celebration. How it keeps us grounded in the midst of tragedy. How it forces us to put on our happy faces and for those few hours forget about our current situation, loss, or whatever crisis we are facing. Celebrations and holidays have long been the glue that binds our family. Even in times when we want to strangle each other it is like some type of rule of war, we put down our weapons, we sit down for a meal, we bring a thoughtful gift and we celebrate.

By the way I think this is one of the most dangerous games a child could play not worth the candy!!

So you can see I am all about the celebration. Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, which is an American excuse to eat Mexican food and drink alcoholic beverages. I have to interject here, it is a celebration that we as Americans have stolen from another country. I admit I like to keep it, and I usually buy a couple more avocados and make tacos, rice and beans. It’s not a big deal, just more of a welcome spring celebration. What I experienced yesterday was however unique in many ways.

As you know we as a global community are in lockdown for the most part due to the Coronavirus. We are wearing masks and washing our hands all the time. We are trying to keep our families and ourselves free of this potentially lethal virus. Restaurants have been ordered to close, however drive through are open. Naturally my thoughts after a long day at work was Taco Bell. It was also everyones thought as well. The line of cars extended into the busy streets. I stuck it out and got our burritos in less than 30 minutes. What surprised me was that the Mexican restaurant across the street was open and packed!!!!

My question is WHY?? Why were they allowed to open and most of all why would anyone chance gathering in a packed restaurant to celebrate a holiday that isn’t even a national holiday in the midst of a pandemic???

It is interesting to me that in the definition of celebrate it says: to keep, to preserve, keep safe, keep close, to keep by way of protection, observe, to hold together.

Nurses are shouting our warnings via Instagram, please don’t be fooled by the warm weather. Watch the curve! It is still going up. If the numbers in your town are low, they wont be for long if you don’t continue to monitor your travel and exposure.

Nurses are angry about all the conspiracy theories and other BS that are circulating, giving people false hopes.

Please keep vigilant during these times for your safety and the safety of others. A friend of mine who lives in Hawaii (whose numbers are very low) and is a beach mama, comes to visit her kids every year. She texted me recently that she was coming this month (flying) and wanted to stay with me a few days. I had to tell her no. And strongly advised her not to come this year. It is NOT over.

Please if you do not believe me, listen to the warnings coming from a very wealthy and smart man, who is not a doctor. Warren Buffet. He just sold 6 billion in airline stock. That means something. Take a listen to this podcast.

Ok so we still can celebrate but it just might look a little different for the next year or so. Maybe a generation. Who knows. Just for crying out loud don’t be stupid. Keep safe, keep close, keep by way of protection!

Sometimes we find ourselves doing jobs and living lives we would have never dreamed of doing and love it, sometimes it is misery.

Our values are those principles and qualities that matter to us, that are really important to our sense of well being.

They are the ideas and beliefs on which we base our decisions. They become like an invisible DNA that controls our sense of right and wrong.

Sometimes, somewhere along the line, we fool ourselves into a false belief system.

We believe it doesn't matter if we are in alignment with our values for some what we eat and how healthy our bodies are.

We become overweight and ignore our values. The fact that if we value our family and our children, our health should be number one priority so that we will be around to take care of them and enjoy them as they grow up and have families of their own.

Are you getting the idea here?

We have come to believe lies.

dont listen to the liesTake the assessment today, find out what you are aligned with.


A registered nurse with a passion to dispel weight loss myths and revolutionize the fitness culture with one simple truth. There is only one way to lose weight that all fitness and weight loss plans are based on and that is to EAT LESS and EXERCISE MORE. I have developed a unique technique that incorporates short bursts of moderate intensity exercise into your day throughout the day without the drama and chaos of making multiple wardrobe changes.