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self care takes action
use it or lose it, it's the only way to fly

Let’s fly girl

How do you feel about aging?

I just received an email, from my 60 something year old dear friend that is encouraging us, “seniors” to go ahead and enjoy being old. It shows pictures of “seniors” having fun and enjoying themselves, on the beach dancing, eating, etc..which is all good, right?

However they are all overweight and headed for an early grave in my opinion.

I get the part about enjoying being old and not caring about what someone else thinks and being able to say what you feel, etc… but I don’t get letting yourself go to the dogs. We can still be aware of our bodies and maintain them in the best working order as possible.

Just like you would your car.

If you want your car to run for a long time (which I do because I absolutely hate buying cars) you take care of it. You get the necessary scheduled maintenance and the oil changes. You keep it clean and looking sharp. (I do because I think it runs better when it’s clean and I definitely feel better when I am driving it.)

So let’s break this down in terms of human maintenance

Do you get your necessary maintenance ? We are talking self care here!

This could be anything from massage, vacations, vitamins, or other supplement, good daily food and exercise, yearly physical (which I do not do) You know what you need to keep going in good working condition.

Do you keep yourself looking sharp and new?  It’s all about style!

I am talking about looking good and feeling good. If you have the one the other just naturally follows. I love fashion, so I am always on the prowl for styles that will make me look good. I do not settle for the haircuts that older women get, you know the short bob or butch cut. When I get a compliment on my style I feel great and pretty too.

Do you keep yourself in good working condition:

I am always interested in preserving my skin, and supplements that might prevent disease of the old, like Alzheimers, (although I think you would have had to have it in your diet since childhood to do any good but its worth taking if it does not harm) I personally am taking Myrrh capsules which have tremendous healing properties and boost the immune system. I am not opposed to using anti aging creams. I have seen elderly women who are covered with crusty moles (keratosis) and I know there are ways to get rid of those.  There is nothing wrong with getting old. There is also nothing wrong with staying young. It makes the people around you feel better too.

The number one maintenance action/self care you can take is exercise,

The old adage, USE IT OR LOSE IT is very true. That is why 3 minute inc is the perfect exercise for these seniors and for any busy lifestyle. INCORPORATE IT BABY! That’s the only way to fly.





A registered nurse with a passion to dispel weight loss myths and revolutionize the fitness culture with one simple truth. There is only one way to lose weight that all fitness and weight loss plans are based on and that is to EAT LESS and EXERCISE MORE. I have developed a unique technique that incorporates short bursts of moderate intensity exercise into your day throughout the day without the drama and chaos of making multiple wardrobe changes.