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Elementary, my dear Watson

So here I am feeling pretty smug, I had had a successful day of knowing what I was feeling when I ate. Worked out efficiently.  Eating to nourish my body only when I was hungry. Drinking water to hydrate! Doing all the things that a healthy thin person does. When I got home though BAM the winds shifted and I got hit with a double whammy of stresss. Dinner had been prepared which I really didn’t need but felt obligated to eat to make my daughter feel appreciated. She also made cute little pumpkin cookies again didn’t need em but ate em.


Then my other daughter began to work on me with something that was on her mind and although I tried to help her and lift her spirits. She became more distraught about it


So I went on a walk, nice Autumn evening good walk, got home prepared to watch a movie and relax. Family began a stair climbing marathon up and down the stairs for what seemed like the entire movie, and sounding like a heard of wild horses,

   DEF COM 5.

CHIPS AND SALSA..CRACKERS AND HUMMUS. I know it sounds like a healthy snack but it was the way in which I did it, I really couldn’t taste it and couldn’t really feel what or why I was eating, except I felt like an addict, that somehow it soothed my irritation level into  not feeling anything at all, just self anger. So THAT’s IT!  I was so angry at my family but because I love them so much I would rather just be angry at myself and eat until I did not feel the anger anymore. WOW… that was a revelation to me that I didn’t even know was going to emerge. So this thing does work.  So now here is the question….HOW DO I EFFECTIVELY DEAL WITH THE ANGER TOWARDS MY FAMILY IN A LOVING WAY SO THAT I DON’T EAT COMPULSIVELY?
Stay tuned for the answers to this and many more why we eat questions.
“My name is Sherlock Holmes it is my business to know what other people don’t know!”

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