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Thank you for your interest in Happy Weight Loss

 You will not be disappointed. I promise!

There are a lot of exciting things going on over here at 3minuteinc. A total revamp of the online class for one, with more videos that will have you rolling on the floor, not doing exercises but laughing .  We’ll be talking about flabby granny arms and how I got rid of mine. Creating your unique fashion style and rockin’ it so that you begin to feel good to look good. This process creates neurotransmitters that give you a DO-More upload.  Neurotransmitter are naturally occurring, we just make them rev up and do their jobs. At the same time we will be increasing our cardio function, toning muscles, improving balance, lowering blood pressure and losing weight.

I would love it if you would fill out a short questionnaire so that I can better assist you in your goals. Start thinking about what your dreams are/were and what your goals are for today.

I will be sending you some lovely little emails soon, nothing that is going to flood your email box so much that you want to close it down forever and move to another planet. Just one a week or sometimes every other week. These will keep you motivated and give you some insider tips that you can use to get the upper hand on you weight struggles.