The 0-hN factor is one of the most valuable natural weight loss discoveries that is easily accessed and made readily available to help you curb cravings and prevent overeating.

What is the 0-hN factor?

Most of you are probably saying I have never heard of it.  My guess is that you are right. The 0-hN factor is however something that each of us has inside of us. It is important in maintaining progress in your weight loss and health and fitness journey. The reason it is so important is because without it you are more apt to succumb to the pressures of

  1. everyday stress
  2. old beliefs and habits
  3. Holidays

It is not a chemical or hormone or anything physical it is the thing inside of you that essentially is created after months and years of practicing a new lifestyle. It is all the hard work that you have put into your transformation process. It is a new habit.

0-hN stands for OH HELL NO!

That’s right. When you have finally lost those last  5 stubborn pounds and then that box of chocolates arrive at your office for “EVERYONE” if your 0-hN factor is low you don’t have a chance and you will either be walking off those calories or hating yourself for giving in to those old patterns.

To be able to say Oh HELL NO when you really want to stop in at that fast food restaurant, because you have worked your butt off ( literally) and you know that it would not taste good anymore because of your new lifestyle and choices are completely different than when you were a fast food junkie, is a feeling worth more than any stale taco or cardboard French fry.

Just like any other addict. You just don’t put yourself in a position that compromises your achievements.

To develop your 0-hN factor you need to do the following

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  2. Practice all the 3 minute inc. ways of incorporating exercise into your life.
  3. Get the Protein Power Punch report. All your efforts mean “JACK” without proper diet.
  4. Take the Happy Weight Loss class. Happy weight loss is tapping into powerful natural neurotransmitters and hormones that produce feelings of well being and provide the perfect setting for weight loss, controlling cravings and overeating, which as you know is what causes weight gain.

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