WARNING: If you are interested in a lifestyle that includes, special shoes for your painful feet, diuretics to keep fluid off your lungs and heart, sticking yourself with a needle several times a day to check your blood sugar, pain caused by the torque placed on your body frame, nerve pain caused by compression of your vertebrae, just to name a few, then this article is over for you.

*If however you want change to happen and happen for good*, please continue.

Do you just keep gaining weight every year and have resolved that is what is supposed to happen in the autumn of your life?

Do you have flabby granny arms?

Has your butt migrated to the front of your body? (no butt, lots of gut?)

If you answered yes to these questions, let’s take it a step further…

Are you always trying a new diet or miracle herb that is being advertised by celebrities “just like you”?

Have you ever got scammed by any of these so called “Fast and Easy” weight loss plans?

Do you remember HOODIA?

If the answer is yes to most or all of these and you are interested in a body and lifestyle that will promote a longer pain free life, with less medical expenses related to poor health, then step right up, I can help.

I am only concerned with those who want change and want it so bad they are buying up every infomercial weight loss plan, product, claim and getting ZERO RESULTS. They are being taken for a ride and getting no where. They lose the weight for about 10 minutes after spending hundreds of dollars. They have tried to incorporate a totally unnatural process into their lives.

It’s not a matter if you are happy in your present state or not. Anyone that honestly believes how much they weigh can bring them happiness is fooling themselves. However there are some very specific scientific facts that no one can argue or shoot down.

My name is Jan Oliver and I have been in the medical profession for over 38 years. A good portion of that spent entirely with the female population. (labor and delivery) I have since then worked in almost every field of nursing and have seen just about everything.  

Believe me when I say Shonda Rimes  of Greys Anatomy imagination can’t even come close to some of the real life stories I have seen in my nursing career. Here a just a few that stick out in my memory…you’ll see why…

greys-anatomy-castGenital warts that were so long that a young resident physician thought it was the baby’s leg hanging out, delivering a baby in the elevator in a wheelchair no less, or

a prank caller to the hospital operator asking for “Hugh Jazz”

Oh yes and lets not forget the transexual who came in screaming with labor pains, with his husband. ( I’m sorry but that surgery does not include a uterus)

By the way, there is really not that much sex happening in the hospitals, and doctors don’t start IV’s or go to the supply room to look for stuff! Just saying…

Anyway I know there is a big push towards accepting the body you have and I totally agree with that because if you can’t love yourself you can’t love anyone properly.

I love that there are several women who are helping other women to do just that, with their style and self image business and making a lot of money doing so.  I applaud them.

On the flip side there are many people out there (in America) that don’t think it is anyone’s business if you are overweight and why should anyone care if the person doesn’t care?

I’m interested in those who are getting taken for a ride and not getting results or getting results that are only temporary, remember Kirstie Alley who by the way has just lost 50 pounds (again) and looks gorgeous.

I am looking for the person who wants change, because of what they value in life. Whether it is GOD, FREEDOM, FAMILY, HEALTH, BEAUTY, NATURE, TRAVEL, WORLD PEACE.

It’s just a matter of time before science will prevail and take it’s toll on your body and if you are ok with that then you are not looking for me either.

What I mean is that our body frames are designed to carry a certain amount of weight. It’s science. Once you surpass that amount you begin to feel it in various parts of the body, it may be your back or your feet and may be subtle at first.

As you continue to gain, there will come a point when you hit the maximum amount of TORQUE the body can withstand and it is then that hip joint, knee joints, or vertebrae that become compensated and damaged causing pain. 

Let’s not forget your organs, the extra impact extra weight has on the heart, lungs, kidneys. It’s just a matter of time before you are declared diabetic, have congestive heart failure or kidney disease.  I am strictly coming from a nurses know things viewpoint.

There is only one way to lose weight and keep it off, it is with a lifestyle change. To accomplish it in a way that lasts forever you need  the following 3 things.

Belief: You must believe in the program, have the faith. In the Bible it say as a man thinks so is he. Sounds simple, but Jesus said if man had faith as big as a mustard seed he could move a mountain, and he wasn’t talking metaphorically. I believe in the 3minuteinc program because I have seen it work time after time in countless situations. Patients I have worked with, losing cumulative 100’s of pounds with this simple concept.

Commitment: In order for this to be a successful journey for you, there has to be a no turning back attitude, to keep on going no matter what. If you have really tried everything else, you have nothing to lose. The 3minute inc mantra is “get yourself up brush yourself off and get back on the bike” If you fall off the wagon so to speak you must pick yourself up and carry on. It will happen, and you can count on quite a bit of resistance in the process. STICK TO IT NESS is necessary.

3 minutes: If you cannot find 3 minutes in your day to give to yourself for your own health, there is something very wrong and change is necessary. YOU MUST MAKE ROOM FOR IT IN YOUR LIFE. Any appointment can wait for 3 minutes. Stepping into the ladies room or going outside for 3 minutes to do a workout will refresh and energize you. It will become something you look forward to. 

That is it. Simple and natural. These 3 things used in conjunction with the All Natural Weight Loss Class is the formula for success

If you are ready to start today please sign up here, the clock is ticking.