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No I’m not talking about cancer…

Yes colon cancer can be a killer (there are a surprising amount of colon cancer survivors out there) but it’s not the only way a colon could kill you. No, I only share the strange and unusual with you. Primarily to show you the benefit of how to live well with a few simple tweaks and how to prevent catastrophe as you age.

The KILLER COLON was so distended it was measured by ultrasound as being 8 inches in diameter.  The normal transverse colon is 6 cm in diameter. How could this happen? Long term untreated unresolved constipation. Siblings say that this person had probably had this problem since childhood as they remembered their father having to take an axe into the bathroom to breakup the obstructed toilet on several occasions.  Unfortunately after 45 years the colon became obstructed, was irreversible and surgery was not an option creating a very grave prognosis.

Could this have been prevented? I am not sure as there are always many variables. However it is no secret that drinking water (and a good diet) can provide the colon with the correct environment to produce normal daily bowel movements.

Do we need to have daily bowel movements? Many people think not. To some 3 or 4 days without one may be ok. But let me take you on a little virtual tour.

Begin to visualize this. Imagine all that food fermenting in the bowel, stinking up the place and then probably causing the bowel to be over distended, not to mention hemorrhoids from having to push so hard to get it out.

So what is the answer? Laxatives, stool softeners, prunes?

The answer is drink water, and lots of it.

2 glasses of ice water upon rising in the morning and then six 8 ounce glasses during the day as well as the water keep water at your bedside at night. Constipation will be a thing of the past for you. Daily bowel movements will be natural and non obsessive.  Another excellent way to combat constipation is overnight oats. 

You will feel 100% better for it.

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