It’s great you were willing to spend a dollar to get rid of these unsightly painful crusters! 
So you want the cure for crusty feet?
Now you will no longer have to suffer with these crusters anymore.
You can stop creeping yourself and others out with these cracked and dirty looking feet.
Crusty feet give me the heeby jeebies so 

shocked-people-by-paul-gilligan-from-getty-images_thumb3I’m giving the info away today!
I’m glad you took the step to find the cure…
I’m sure everyone around you is too!


I don’t know what it is about crusty feet but it makes me cringe to see it.. even though I am a registered nurse and have seen just about everything under the sun.

One reason is I know how painful it can be, those cracks in your heels, and well it is just


cracked-heelsAm I right or am I right?

There are a multitude of products on the market claiming to be able to get rid of the above cracks and fungus. But trust me none of them work as well as the one I am about to share with you. I am a registered nurse and was a sufferer of crusty feet at one time. I spent years trying any and every product out there to get rid of the unsightly and uncomfortable cracked dry heels. I used pumice stones, vasoline with socks on, baby oil, coconut oil, lotion after lotion, even something that was supposed to be used to soften leather. Believe me nothing worked. 

To let you know the credibility of my cure I will tell you the story of how I found it. I was working in an all male ward on the day shift. I would often go into their rooms with their morning meds and find the previous evening shift’s little medicine cups of creme on their all bedstands sometimes there was multiple cups full.  This went on for days and eventually someone would toss them into the garbage.

I began working an evening shift position and realized that these little cups were a treatment for their crusty feet.  So “lightbulb” went on, I’m thinking okay “I’m not going to just leave those cups in the room trusting them to put it on because I know they DON’T !!

I began a little ritual with them, once they were in bed I would come around with my little cup of cure and with my gloved hands apply it to their crusty feet. It was kind of like tucking in my kids at night. “Good night nurse Jan”

To my surprise and my patients after about 3 weeks they had smooth feet and the crust was gone!

Now I am talking hard core crust. These men were institutionalized and many of them would probably never leave. They walked around in slippers or barefoot most of the time. I made a beeline for the med room to see what the  ingredient was in this stuff. Once I found out what the active ingredient was I went to my local pharmacy and found the exact lotion that the doctors were prescribing for my patients. Well that particular lotion prescribed was very expensive, so I started looking at the

over the counter foot cremes specifically the ones containing that ingredient!

Once I found the most reasonably priced product (although I would have paid more) I started using it. That was 10 years ago and I have had smooth feet since.

THE INGREDIENT IS UREA..yes it is pee.

also know as carbamide and is chemically reproduced.

IMG_2204This is the kind I use and should buy stock in it as I will never not use it.

So go out and get yourself some of this and your feet should be in good shape within a few weeks time. I hope this has helped you.

I will be surprised if it doesn’t because if you saw the crust on the feet of all those old men and how they turned baby butt soft, you would be amazed!

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