I have to be honest here… there is more than one possible reason you can’t lose weight.  I’d have to say that the one category that most women I encounter are falling into is simply …(and don’t get mad)

It’s that easy. There are many free calorie counters on the internet I personally like My Fitness Pal. It allows you to design your own caloric deficit you are striving to achieve and also divide up the protein, fat and carbs into percentages. In my PFC diet planner you will easily be able to determine what your percentages should be. Right now however I can almost guarantee you need to up your protein and decrease your carbs.
Let me give you a little example of how eating very little of the wrong food will totally prevent you from losing any weight.
I have been tracking daily for months and after discovering what exactly my caloric deficit should be, I was actually amazed at how easily I could go over that amount with just one little bite of this fruit.
I was raised in a Mediterranean home and there is no way I will ever give up fruit. But when adding fruit just know that there will be adjustments to be made to keep within your caloric goals.
Now take a look at these numbers they will boggle your mind

Take a close look at these numbers, if you snatch an apple for a quick snack it could easily take you over your limit for the day, and add to your carbs and sugar in a big way.  So like I said…


Protein is king, but it’s sidekicks are just as important

You might be saying to yourself, yes but look there is no fat in the apple and only 65 calories. This is true and like I said I will never stop eating fruit. However what you need to know is that FAT IS IMPORTANT in your diet, while losing weight.
That’s what the meme with Batman and Robin illustrates, yes Fat is important and hold on to your butts because I am gonna tell you why.
We actually want and need fat in our diet. (the good kind) Fat actually is very important in transporting the fat soluble vitamins into your blood stream. Vitamin D, E , K and A. It is the most powerful food energy source with 9 calories in every gram, more than twice that of protein and carbohydrates. The goal then is training your body to be a fat burning machine instead of a carbohydrate or sugar burner. Some of the best fat sources are as follows:

eggs, meat, fish, chicken, and turkey, yogurt, avocado, cheese, olives, butter, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts and seeds.

When starting out increasing your healthy fat it’s important to increase the amount of non starchy vegetables, cruciferous, and green leafy in your diet as well.

The second most common reason you are not losing the weight is:

With my help you will begin to develop and strengthen this gene. You will know you have it  when you finally start to see the amount of work you have put into your new life and body, or when you remember how awful you felt after you indulged, not just mentally but physical pain as well. It is then that you will no longer crave the things that make you gain weight. You will know you have the O-hN gene when you are able to say Oh Hell No to that indulgence and keep on track with whatever you are doing to achieve the desire of your heart which is I am hoping a healthy body and lifestyle.  I’m not saying you will never be able to indulge in life’s little food pleasures but you will not crave them and if you do it will not open the gate for more and more and more until you are back to square one.

Finally you might consider:

Believe me I know this as a nurse of over 30 years and as one who has tried to lose weight using every method out there. Lifestyle change and proper diet along with exercise is the only way. Although everyone is slightly different in their metabolic makeup. If you are creating a calorie deficit, tracking your food intake and staying on track with diet and exercise…YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT!

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. I went from this (see pics below) to this in one year. Simply by following his advice.

Before..age 62

After…age 63..okay Italy looks good on everyone!

This program is awesome and will get you to that next level you have been trying to achieve within one year.  There is no fast track. It is hard work and requires dedication. If you are ready to put in the work this is for you. I am hoping you are and so excited to get you to the place you want to be.

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We all need FAT and CARBS in our diets but let's face it why eat beau coup protein if it is loaded with fat and end up gaining weight instead of losing?

In this report I have done all the research for you and discovered some of the richest sources of protein that are actually good for you and listed them in order of highest to least and also included their sidekick content of fat and carb. 

Because there are so many variances from reference to reference when compiling this list, I decided if the food had protein content greater than 18g per serving it would be considered high under 18g medium and under 8g low. If it is included in the list it is significant enough to include in your diet. 

This list will take you out of that holding pattern you have been in and get you soaring to new heights with your weight loss and strength gaining goals. 


As an added bonus I am including recipes that I found and have tried and some that I actually created that are scrumptiously delicious.

If you have a sweet tooth say good bye to that old villain and say hello to my little friend...


Protein packs a powerful punch when it comes to satiety  and knocking cravings on their butts. Yes fat takes a lot of crap but without it we could be in big trouble.

  • Fat is necessary for the proper absorption of some vitamins, such as vitamin D, A, E and K, as well as lycopene, which has been shown to be instrumental in the battle against prostate cancer. Just sayin!

I like to think of fat as the Robin of my diet. What would Batman/Protein be without him? his best! RIGHT?

This little report will make your life so much simpler and planning meals a breeze. No more waiting for your internet to load or searching countless sites and sifting through pages of dietary stats. I got it all right here Simple Simon, easy peasy. 

So just put in your info and you will be directed to the downloadable report in a jiffy.