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In the movie “HOOK” Robin Williams (who gave us so much and will be truly missed) could not remember how to fly until he found his

In my minicourse I encourage my students to find their “HAPPY THOUGHT” to

call upon in times of temptation and to help them attain success in their endeavors.
Lately though I have found that my “HAPPY THOUGHT” the thing that is powering me on to get up and practice what I preach is not exactly all fairy dust and pixie wings.
There really is no way to sugar coat this but,

“I’M PISSED” there I said it and it’s true.

I have a friend who does not believe me about the 3 MINUTE WAY and is gaining weight by the minute. I’m so pissed at her that I’m getting up everyday and doing everything that I have found to work for me but that sometimes well I just don’t do for whatever reason. THOSE DAYS ARE GONE!
This is personal now and I’m out to prove her wrong and that this can and will work.

  • I already know that it has given me
  • increased strength and endurance as well as
  • increased cardio and
  • I have not gained any weight and have in fact
  • lost 7 pounds.

But she must not be seeing the results so, look out baby cuz here I come.

“There comes a time in everyones life that you have to chose what you are going to believe” Robert Duvall in Second Hand Lions.  I BELIEVE in the 3 minute way. So just like in the movie “HOOK” clap your hands and say


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A registered nurse with a passion to dispel weight loss myths and revolutionize the fitness culture with one simple truth. There is only one way to lose weight that all fitness and weight loss plans are based on and that is to EAT LESS and EXERCISE MORE. I have developed a unique technique that incorporates short bursts of moderate intensity exercise into your day throughout the day without the drama and chaos of making multiple wardrobe changes.