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Or should I say SHNOZ. VisitingNew York

Pa..LEEZ…give us a little credit for having an ounce of intelligence. As a nurse who has been working along side doctors for over 38 years, I have a big problem with TV doctors, who promote rare exotic fruit from Africa that will “melt the fat right off of you” or what ever newest miracle product he is promoting. There is something about TV doctors and TV evangelist that just ain’t right.

Please note that there are common plants and flowers that can kill you. Foxglove for one. It is a beautiful flower, which the drug Digoxin, ( a powerful cardiotonic) is made from. Opium comes from the delicate Poppy. Even the little Buttercup can be lethal. 

( There was a reason the wicked witch used Poppies to make everyone go to sleep on the Wizard of Oz story)

I am quoting one of Dr Oz cardiothoracic colleagues here:

Does he (or anyone) really know what that pill does, it’s side/long term effects are, or alternatives to this pill?

No good studies have been done on half those pills, and the other half maybe good science but of questionable or no benefit.

Which to believe when he speaks? He is using his good and well deserved surgical reputation to mute any criticism or questioning of the promotions on the “show”. It truely is sad. Shame on Columbia for supporting this bad behaviour. Freedom of speech does allow snake oil salesmen to practice but it should not allow a trusted physician to do the same thing while being a physician or supported by a great medical school. Mehmet- if you really want to promote unproven therapies then resign from Columbia and us the small remaining medical capital. If you want to continue to be a trusted doc, then promote RESEARCH that proves these pills work and tell the truth about these products.”

That sums it up nice and neatly. 

Please please, do not keep buying those miracle cures.

Do you remember Hoodia? Exactly….! No one remembers because it was a lot of hoopla about nothing. 



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