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Isn’t it funny the silly things we seem to remember forever!

I will never forget the day I was at Nordstroms with my 3 or 4 year old little girl (who is now 33 years old) and happened to get the opportunity to witness another precocious preschooler work his knowledge of the great money making machine. He had been given his moms purse to keep him busy while she shopped and decided to take advantage of this newly attained wealth.   Taking her wallet out he proceeded to stand in the middle of the department shouting at the top of his lungs “WALNUTS FOR SALE!” Of course he meant “wallets for sale” which to this day still evokes a chuckle from me.

On this hot summer day I would like to take the opportunity to cash in on the same ostentatious momentum.

 As we all are feeling the heat we shed our winter wools, and our shoes. You should know that keeping your feet and head cool, can significantly increase your tolerance for extreme heat. Bare feet and sandals are one way to increase survival. 

But wait do you dare expose those crusty leathery feet to the public?  

The answer should be a resounding NO!!

As a nurse of over 30 years there are only a few things that can make me gag and crusty feet is one of them. Please for the love of God, do something about those feet before making me look at them. I literally cringe when I see crusters on my co-workers heels. I want to say, “Hey I know how to cure those crusty puppies!” But I refrain. I guess I cringe because I know how painful those cracks in the heels can be. 

I spent years trying to get rid of mine that is once I started getting them somewhere around age 20 or so. I am happy to say that my feet are crusty free, and yours can be too. For the low low price of ONE DAHLA!


YEP you heard it right just one dollar will get you the cure and within one or two weeks you will be cured of the curse of crusty feet forever.


You will receive the exact information that I used to get rid of these crusters forever and be able to enjoy the comfort of smooth feet again.


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