Watching the Curve

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For once my waistline and butt curves are not the subject of the curve I am watching these days. Instead it is the COVID19 CURVE. And guess what it is not anywhere near flattening out. The USA has just hit 1 million today.

This is what needs to happen to the curve in red.

Dr Fauci on a recent podcast said the in order for us to see some normalcy in our lives there would have to be a sharp decline in cases like the red.curve above. If you check this link out you will see how Italy is finally turning the corner. Today they had the lowest amount of new cases since the outbreak in early March. We the USA are not anywhere near that point.

However some states are wanting to lower restrictions and open back up. Nurses are posting all over instagram how tragic it is in the hospitals on the east coast. Nurses from all other states are standing behind them. Wearing masks in every encounter with patients and in their daily lives. We all need to be examples of how NOT to spread this thing.

Since the start of this STAY AT HOME ruling, I have not only been watching the curve. I have been watching what is happening in my town and I suspect every town. I am a walker. I walk every morning, and have been for the past 26 years that I have lived in this neighborhood. I mix it up and have several different routes to check out gardens, landscapes, new home remodels etc. There are always the same fellow walkers out at the same time with me. Lacy the dog and her owner, the 3 women that wear reflectors, the woman runner that has a distinct running style. Lately there are more walkers at all times of the day. Groups of walkers called families. Most interesting is the amount of Dads walking with their kids, sometimes with the mom but most times just the dad and the kids. This part of watching the curve has been so uplifting to me. To see dads given the opportunity to experience time with their kids during the week, makes me happy, yet sad because it took a pandemic to make it happen.

It should be a wake up call for the world that we have forgotten how to live and how to appreciate the people in our lives. What will it take to change all the bad habits we have come to know as the norm?

Golden Eagle Mama and her babies

Living to work has come to be the norm for most. Day to day existence just to get up and pay the bills. Many are lucky enough to be able to work from home and still have an income. This has created more interest in the world around them. For instance my son a musician and a digital marketer able to do his job well from home. He is also a very social person so this has been hard on him living in another state he can’t just come over for a visit and not be able to perform in venues. He manages as many do with FaceTime, text, and emails. He and many others have taken not only watching the curve but bird watching. One in particular in his neighborhood. On his daily run he happened to notice a Golden Eagle nesting. Many other people are watching this mama and her babies and somehow it give us all solace. I read another article that this new attention to our feathered friends is global.

It is my hope that we all come out of this with a new outlook on life. Knowing what is important, and knowing when to walk away from the toxic places and people in our lives. Obviously we are capable of doing what it takes to survive in crisis. So let’s learn from this. Start making the necessary changes today. Start getting in alignment with what you truly value in life.

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