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sophia red lips

Sophia and red lipstick

What could that possibly have to do with losing weight? You might be asking yourself.

Nothing and Everything.

This week I took a challenge on another colleagues website and day two was to “Wear Red Lipstick” She has a huge following and so I wasn’t surprised at the response but I was amazed at all the emotions expressed with each of the many beautiful sisters across the continents.  From uncomfortable to fearful. Excited, different, brave, invigorated, tough, embarrassed, self conscious, reluctance, white light moments. All these emotions on every level brought on by the simple action of applying a little color to her lips.

liz red lips

Liz and red lipstick

I am reminded of my mother’s generation (ww2 brides) and how they would transform themselves from workers or housewives into sophisticated ladies with just that one little brave and gutsy red stick to the lips. No matter what she wore she always looked beautiful with her “red lipstick”  I believe it was Sophia Loren that said, “never leave the house without lipstick.”

The majority of the women who posted their red on the challenge, said how they loved the look after doing so. Including moi. I even went out and bought two more really red ones.

This little act, is a sample of a lifestyle change that can take you one step closer to your goals.

Feeling good about the way you look is essential in the weight loss process.

So start today to LOOK AND FEEL LOVELY.

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