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If you knew that something you loved to eat was killing you would you stop eating it?

As a Hospice nurse, I am so saddened when I hear that my prospective client is now “juicing” …..as if.

I don’t mean to sound harsh, but what about all the years of self abuse with alcohol, drugs and smoking cigarettes? Granted some sick people have not abused their bodies in an outward way but maybe just ate junk and did not ever think about exercise or the condition of their internal organs, like their heart or kidneys and liver.

Albeit some sick people are actually healthy and living strong active lives when they are hit with the “C” bomb which I hate by the way.

I’m not saying that all of it doesn’t sadden me, but knowing that they are on their way out of this world while trying to fix it with juicing which by the way, is not the tastiest nourishment in the world is just very sad

My message for all the otherwise unsick out there, is make the change now while it might make a difference. Start while you are young. The younger you are the better.

Start listening to your body. Put all that nutritional info you have accumulated over the years to use. Make some changes today.


Let me ask you a question:

If you found a supplement that is a possible curative or could prevent a condition that you might be prone to, would you take it? By all means is my response to that.  For instance BLACK SEED OIL is an ancient healing oil, that claims to be able to heal or cure anything except death. Why wouldn’t anyone want to take something that could possibly cure a condition or prevent one if it doesn’t harm you.

Which brings me to my original question: If you were eating something that you loved, that was killing you would you stop eating it?

Think about how your body feels after eating it whether it is sugar or high carbs, meat, or fats or alcohol. Do you experience any pain or other maladies, hours or even immediately afterwards?

If the answer is yes your body is trying to tell you something.




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